Dream About Pastors

There are some Christians  who are dreaming about pastors. They quickly suggested that all the dreams are quite good. It is good we dream about the servant of God and at the same time their churches (ministries).

Most times, the servant of God in the dream represent an angel of light. But the Bible says something about the devil pretending to be an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14). We must also know that this is a very sensitive revelation that guides us about the true servant of God.

Some dream about men of God can also serve as a warning to the dreamer, to beware of such man of God(Matt 24:11). While other dreams confirms the anointing of some men of God.

It is even more annoying to see some people after having this dream, they rush down to look after the man of God either through phone calls or personal contacts. But God told us about spiritual discernment and confirmation.

Many people have found unknown men of God putting oil on their head in the dream. Many have seen various men of God performing miracles on them in the dream.

It is possible to see some people after visiting a church for the first time, after sometimes, they started dreaming about the man of God in an altar ministering.

They quickly believe since the dream is from their pastors or other pastors, they are blessed already. Whether the man of God is a true servant of God or not, you must allow God to lead you there.

Many would not like this topic because its actually revealing some mysteries to them. Thats why we keep having problem of false prophets there and there.

When you dream about a popular man of God ministering and performing miracles on you, if this dream is consistent, that is, you dream it more than twice or thereabout, it means God wanted to use the servant of God to bless you and restore your blessings to you.

If you cannot access such men of God in the reality, it is better you try other ways to see him or contact his prayer line. Sometimes you dont have to go to his church before the blessings of the man of God can be apportioned to you.

So long you can connect your faith to the man of God or to his ministry (maybe through his christian channel),  you will have many reasons to rejoice and happy. but you must allow God to lead you first whether to see him or to do otherwise.

I see many people have to travelled wide to see this man of God. There is no problem about that if God allows you to embark on the journey to see his servant. but if you fail not to listen first, you end up wasting your resources to see the man of God.

And it will be a pity to realise that you just wasted your time to see someone whom protocols disallow you to see him.

Another common dream is when you see a popular man of God chasing you, fighting you, sleeping with you, or using some diabolical charms etc,, it means the devil is trying to use the identity of the prophet to get at you.

They uses his face in order to complete witchcraft operation against your destiny. Some enemies may want you to doubt the anointing upon the man of God so as to chase you out of the place of your blessings (ministries).

Know that some enemies are very tactical.  We also have a very similar ones when you dream of a man of God having sex with you, coming to your house, using strange powers embedded in handkerchief, anointing oil and other mantles to perform miracles.

If this dream is frequent and since after you have it, you never get yourself, there is a message that such a prophet is fake and you should be beware of him before it becomes too deep.



  1. Anointing of the false prophet upon my head, dry up, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Every negative prophesies upon my life and destiny, backfire, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Powers that want to steal my glory because I am in the wrong church, die, in the name of Jesus.
  4. My Father, I release myself from the collective captivity of witchcraft, in the name of Jesus.
  5. O God arise and send me my prophets, in the name of Jesus.
  6. I separate myself from the stronghold of the false prophet, in the name of Jesus.
  7. Fire of the most high, arise and locate me by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  8. Anointing to do exploit in my generation, fall upon me in the name of Jesus.
  9. Glory killers assigned against me, scatter, in the name of Jesus.
  10. Any power that want to use my glory to beautify their ministry, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
  11. The prophet that will deliver me, locate me now, in Jesus name.



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  1. a few weeks ago i dreamt of a man of God praying 4 me in a witchcraft way but he failed 2 heal me & ran after me

  2. Hi Pastor,

    I dreamt reading the word of God and thereafter I served a well-known woman of God food and I became close to her during the dream as if she were a friend .I don’t know what it means.

  3. Hi…I am sundas and I had a strange dream which I want you to explain the meaning.I saw a pastor in my dream who had been dead couple of months ago I was spiritually close to that pastor he was very ill because of the illness he died..and I saw in my dreams that he is healthy and asking me to stay and make him tea while all of his family is dead..but his family members are all fine and alive..

  4. Hi I had a strange dream I was in a church where the pastor was praying for me I started vomiting bead like elements.the Pastor told me in my dream that they are elements of protection and goodluck…I’m so confused.

  5. Hi pastor,i had a dream i saw my younger sister brought torn 100 dollars to me and i pointed a man i know standing backing us that i used to change dollars from putting on white caftan and she went there and change it to naira currency

  6. Today I woke up with a dream that my pastor is choosing me to be his wife among the congregation while praying for us. The dream happen two times in one day. I woke feeling very shocked though it was a nice dream but I never thought of getting married to my spiritual father he is not married. all I know is that I always pray for him and the ministry that God has trusted him with, as a person who is kingdom minded with the things of God.sartuday evening I put him in my prayers for Sunday service so that we can hear God’s direction through him

  7. I was standing at a bus top waiting for bus but each bus dat came is already filled up and d ones dat will have seat, other people will rush in and fill d seat. Then my pastor came with his bus and gave me and a girl lift, as he was driving I noticed dat he was about diverting into another road, I told him that am going to oshodi so he pulled over followed me to d place to get d vehicle going to that my direction and also ensured that i boarded a vehicle with the bag of ugu vegetable i was carrying on my leg before he left. That’s how I woke up

  8. I had a dream,I saw my late mother inlaw and I ask her to bless me and she pointed a farm hoe on my stomach and bless me.

  9. I have dreamed that a man of God prayed and delivered me in the dreams please can you tell me what it means in reality? Thank you

  10. Have been dreaming about my church pastor who died some weeks ago driving thee congregation in a bus, sometimes car, in a well known road.

  11. please what is the meaning of this dream?
    I drove to the bar beach suddenly I found out that I have walked far about 30km from where people are. looking round no body, then, I heard a voice saying what are you doing here immediately I prostrated face down and the water came, take me through a bush to a place where I don’t know.
    full of confidence, I pass through and I found myself in a church preaching and blessing the church in the name of the Lord, from there to various churches till I came to a known place.

  12. Greetings Sir, I dreamt about a man of God talking to me and later took me to his office and showed me from his TV/laptop gospel songs and messages he play. He told me that (the gospel songs) is what he plays.

  13. Dreamt was in church stand behind and my pastor took me next to man and said this man who will marry you but background my late Dad was watching like in shock

  14. good morning
    I am not happy dis morning when I woke up
    I had a dream my pastor is making love with me
    am confused please help me out what is d meaning of dis dream.

  15. Two days ago I dreamt of being prayed for deliverance by my pastor and apostle in amidst of other people coz I av painful knees joint

  16. Peace be with you. I had a dream, as I was walking on an untarred road, getting to a place, I saw many people gathering and as I came close to them. I learnt they came to meet a powerful Pastor one on one. I decided to wait also to see this man of God. One person that was there said that there are no more space for me here and even on the 1st floor, that I should go to the 2nd floor. As I climbed to the 2nd floor and I sat down all alone. In few minutes the Pastor came up there with a worker who wanted to fix something for him, and saw me and asked what are you doing here and I said to see the Pastor, He attended to me there and then without waisting time. I woke up

  17. Hello, My name is Francis.I awaken this morning with an unexpected dream.My PASTOR & A MEMBER came to my house to speak with me about an occassion. The pastor stated He no longer wanted me welcome there because he felt I were a problem with his members.Reality I’m no problem, there’s things I don’t agree on like, order in God’s house, this congregation cancel’s more meetings.My spirit feel’s tho it can’t be enlighten in the church because many dont seem their in the mood to worship God..What does tis dream represent

  18. I dream like I was in market like place. Then very big black snake coming toward me. I tried to ran away from it but it followed me until its body was almost making a cycle. I had a thought of cutting the snake atv
    the tail or in the middle with a panga or curtlas which I saw on the ground near, but I feared. I also expected some men that were around to cone and kill it but none did. Then its face changed to that of my Pastor.(My pastor is apostle and prophet) Its as if other church members were also around. The body remain a snake but the face was that of my pastor. He now said to us, remember what pastor Robinson said on internet, for those of you who are connected to him on mail.(Pastor Robinson is a common visiting pastor in our church especially when our pastor is away. He is also a prophet

  19. you are mostly negative in ur dreams interpretation. dont bother to defend urself. just ammend ur ways. d just shall live by faith and not by dreams

  20. im a catholic,but i dream i was in a prayer meeting of unknown pastor and religion. then the pastor call for healing prayer but he choose only various people,he ddnt choose me only a man in my side. then after prayer the man beside me( the same man) took my hand and bring me to pastor, the pastor put his palm on my forehead and i fall but in a second i got up i realize the meeting was over and i dont know how long i was on the floor but in my mind i was get up only in seconds..and then i thanks to god because i have a cest in my chest (real life) in the dream i think it was gone. in the dream i tried to share what happen to me but they did not listen… what is the meaning of that dream? pls i want to know..

  21. I saw my pastor and one of the elder in my church being caught burnt seriously and other three children in the dream but he was still preaching and the pastor has three children

  22. I saw my pastor and one of the elder in my church being caught burnt seriously and other three children in the dream but he was still preaching and the pastor has three children

  23. Good Morning Sir
    Please I dreamt haveing encounter with two powerful Men of God, one was working miriacle in the parish I worship and the higher one was being entertained at the pastor’s quarter, and I went to great him and palstrted flat on the floor, and his face was not happy and he said the food we serve him is not fresh that we should not have given him anything.
    And this dream came after a midnight prayer asking God to empower me for grateness in the Work of God

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