Dream About Family House

Dreaming about family house


Proverbs 15:27
He that is greedy of gain troubleth his own house; but he that hateth gifts shall live.

Family is the most important and valuable gift that God has given us. It is the first gift in marriage. It consists of father, mother and children. A family is connected to house, and a house is linked to foundation. When we talk about family house, we simply mean house where family members resides.

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We also mean the primary location where family meet themselves together. In a dream, family house most often symbolizes many things, so a dream of finding yourself in a family house indicate a picture to attend to family immediate needs.

In most cases, if you were talking to old people in the house, or you simply found yourself eating in the village then it can indicate a great drawback to your destiny. However, dreaming of talking with your parents can sometimes be a positive dream symbol if the dreamer feels stable in the spirit.

In dreams, the description is similar. A perfect family  is a great example of a good foundation. 1 Corinthians 3:11, For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. A good foundation promote progress and prosperity.

The emotions we experience in our dreams are one of the most important aspects to consider. If you dream of your family member separating from the rest of the family because of some unfortunate circumstances is a bad sign of misfortune which will affect you as well as other people within your close circle.

Normally, having a dream of being in a village family house does not mean that you are going to settle down there . Instead, this dream type  gives you an outlook to deal with foundational polygamous problems. For example, when you come from polygamous family, or your parents are currently practicing polygamy,  this kind of evil inheritance will surely affects your marital success and stability in your marriage .

The house in your dream could be your childhood home and have feelings connected to it that you need to revisit. You could also have dream of a family you have never seen before. Since the dream of a family member such as father, mother, children, relatives could be a way of foster relationship and understanding among family members.

List of other Dream interpretation of family houses

  • If you dream of building your house in the village, this usually symbolize the move of God to invest in your village, to invest and care for your family immediate needs.
  • If you keep dreaming of the same family house over and over, it is telling you to make physical and spiritual enquiry about that house and its people. This dream tells you that there is something you need to know which is hidden from you. Pray hard please.
  • Dreaming where demons are chasing you from your house, this means that the evil spirits are after you and trying to break down the wheels of your progress and success.
  • Dream of a person sleeping in your house, this indicates that you have a monitoring spirit who is always coming to you to arrest your decision, plans and dreams. Pray well.
  • To dream of buying a new house or building a new house for your mother or father, it indicates that you will succeed in career and also shows that you will make your family happy .
  • If you dream that your were being bitten by a snake in your father’s house, this  indicates that the powers of your father’s house has placed upon you a covenant or embargo of thou shall not go far in life.

Dreaming about family house - spiritual meaning of family house

DREAM INTERPRETATION: Dream About Family House

Dreaming about your family house might be sending a very important message. The meaning could varies. This dream could be a call where your presence is seriously needed at home. It could be that your enemy at this point is trying to set you up and get hold of you. It could also be a way of losing many precious things. It could be a sign where you are getting close to the trap of your enemies. In this case, you are the one to answer which type of family you presently came from.

If you have never seen your family for many years back, dreaming about your family house could be a divine plan to visit your people. It could mean that paying a surprise visit to your people could administer love, unity and peace in the family line.  But dreaming about family members still depends on the outcome of the theme.

Some may dream of being in their village for a family meeting. Some dreams may be pointing to your old house, former school. While some dreams about your village, old apartment, formal school could be telling you that the enemy has put your destiny on a reverse mood and as such you need to pray against stagnancy and shame.

The Bible is our standard. It declares in Romans 12:18, If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men. When dreaming about your family house, put into serious consideration the person, symbols, environments and the conversion that took place in the spirit realm.

Sometimes, these dreams occur as a result of home battle. In such cases, you frequently dream of being in your village to find out the cause of problems in your family. To see yourself in a family house is not just a physical dwelling, but it’s a sign of backwardness and retrogression.

No one wants to visit a wicked village , but in dreams, it has significant importance. To see yourself going into a family house that is wicked especially in the dream, it indicates that you will have a serious setback and challenges in experiencing success. If you see your house built in the village has been pulled down, it is a sign indicating a beginning of difficulties and massive losses. It shows that someone is trying to deal with you.

If you and your partner dreams of visiting your family in the hometown , it may represent a sense of checking out on your people. These dreams often show the underlying feelings  you have with your family, or perhaps portray your interest in helping certain people in your family facing stubborn situations.

Alternatively, dreams of being in a village stranded may also represent lateness to prosper, marry and give birth etc. It may suggest that the return of a problem or a bad habit. It could also be warning you that you are going to a wrong direction.

DREAM ABOUT OLD HOUSES – Spiritual meaning of family house in dream

Luke 10:5 
And into whatsoever house ye enter, first say, Peace be to this house.

An old, dilapidated, or outdated structure in a dream might represent a person or people staying in the house has been caged spiritually with chains and fetters . The appearance of a old family house in a dream might indicates the foundation of your life is not strong, but shaky. This means that any forces can easily pull you down. Sometimes, the family house can be a way to trap your destiny, but in everything you have to keep praying.

A dream about people fighting in your home could reveal that some family relatives are in serious war against one another. This type of dream gives room for envy, jealous and satanic attacks. However, these dreams might be an actual warning that something or someone in the family isn’t safe and is being plagued under satanic torment and punishment.

If you are such a person fighting with your relative or they are fighting you in dream, then it indicates the end of a project or termination of your dreams. It clearly shows the attention of your enemy is concentrated on you.  If you dream of having quarrels or disagreements with your parents shows that the enemy is try to bring problems between you and your parents. Their evil agenda is to hate your parents (mother or father).

Most likely, this will cause a lot of failure and disappointment if you do not do something about it.  To see all of your family members sitting at home is a good sign of love, togetherness and maturity in the family. If you are a person who don’t usually visit home, you might need to invest time with your family. For example, if you dream that your family house got burnt, it symbolizes great tragedy and suffering. It also represent evil attack  on some children’s occupation and wealth. May evil never see you, in Jesus name.

A dream in which you are enjoying a good time with the family members during your visit may indicate a pleasant gathering with your own family in the near future. If there is a current issue right now bedeviling the family, then it shows that there will be a collective interest to deal with the challenging attacks.

This visit could heal the home and strengthening the faith and trust of your parents. For example, you could dream of seeing your mother or father calling for your attention to see them, so in such a dream is good. Maybe there is an important message or information they wish to pass across to you.

Having a dream in which you see yourself packing your loads to your family house, this is not just a dream. Rather, it is a witchcraft dream attack meant to disgrace you and to put you in shame. When such dream occur, it is good to cancel the dream immediately before it goes deeper to cause an open embarrassment. This dream reflect the plans of the enemy to pull you out from your current house. To cause marital problems. If you are a married woman, and you dream of going back to your family house, it indicates problem in your marriage.

If you are having issues with your landlord, then this kind of dream could indicates a setback coming. The dream is a picture of what the enemy is assigned to make you cry. In this case, you need to pray and fast for the Lord to respond and change your story.  Dreaming of people that you do not know attacking your family house suggests that problems may stumble on you, first son, first daughter or the family in general. A group of strangers visiting your home means danger looms in that area of location.

What does it mean to see your home or family house falling apart? A family house falling apart represents an unsettled family with generational problems. It shows a house where family don’t usually achieve something. If it happens such a person is about to record breakthrough, problems would manifest. In Biblical perspective, a family house indicates a house with large set of families (1 Tim 5:8).

If you dream of a specific family house, it tells you to pay close attention to people living there. You will need to consider both the feelings evoked by the house in the dream itself, as well as the house foundation. In some houses, the moment someone visited the house, it is either the person contacts curses or blessings.  There are cases of people who never prosper or excel in a house. Some of the strange things that people experience in their houses are as a result of bad foundation and wicked spirit around the house.

To dream of seeing yourself being stuck in the house and not being able to get out for some reason is a sign of negative circumstances happening soon, or it could be a sign of satanic imprisonment and manipulations. If you see a witch pursuing you to a house in dream, it means you have entered into the trap of your enemy.

Dreams involving stranger pursuing you from a house or to a house, this means that your destiny is caged, good things will stop working, and other meaning shows that you will be working hard, without making a headway in life. When your enemy chased you into a house, if you woke up terrified, it could also indicates trouble is coming to magnetize itself to you in that house. It’s better to start praying against any problems.

When a person is not yet delivered from ancestral evil inheritance, there are great possibilities of seeing himself in the village, old house, formal school etc. Maybe you dreams involves your family members chasing you out of the family house or village, that’s a symbol of rejection and hatred.

When a man is not welcome by his people, he is cursed and traditionally, he may suffer some consequences if he is not a born again Christian. This type of dream could represent the fact that you are already struggling to stand out in life. On the personal level, this dream is reflecting the dreamer’s current struggles with loss and depression.

If you dream that your travel to the village would cripple your progress then it is a sign that you are likely to receive a mysterious wicked arrow. To be on the safer side, it’s better you prospone the visit. However, maybe you are planning to see your parents soon and your dreams featured your mother or father trying to harm you, then it’s a sign that such a visit is not divine. It could be that your father or mother does not support or never wanted your progress. So, in this case, you need to pray hard until there is a safety of your destiny.

House can also indicates in your dream a covering, protection, good health, marriage etc. To dream of being inside a house without doors or windows could contain a serious warning. It indicates there is an open way in which the enemy is gaining good access into your life or home.

Someone close to you, such as a close friend or family member, might be trying to deal with you. When doors or windows are widely opened in your dream could also be telling you that you are about to receive bad news from the dark world, a sorrowful news.

Alternatively, the dream could reveal that a stranger or familiar spirit has penetrated to your life. Are you having sex with someone on your matrimonial bed? If you are a woman and your dream involved open doors, it could be that your husband or guy has brought in a strange woman or friend into the house. You need to pray well for another confirmation. Nevertheless, you might lose your trust or love you ever had for such person. In some dream dictionaries house symbolizes a career progress or that it is important to make forward in life.


DREAMING ABOUT A FAMILY FRIEND – Spiritual meaning of family, village etc

If you are a widow or widower, dreaming of seeing nobody in your village represents a clear picture that death has swallowed people’s destinies; In some cases, it shows that the attack of ancestral powers on people. if you went to see a family friend, the dream indicates your desire to have resolve the differences and challenges between family members.

Besides, if you are afraid of moving close to your friend and you dream about visiting a family friend, then it represents the enemy hiding under guise to push you down. Generally speaking, dreaming about your family friends coming to you for shelter suggests big attack is planning to chase them out of their place of blessings. This type of dream is very dangerous because it indicate such person are experience tough battles.

To see a family member in a critical condition could symbolizes the move of the Holy Spirit to help the person.  If you see your family died in a house is sadly a warning alert for death and bondage issues. You are worried about how to tackle and resolve your problems. Or thinking how to come out from family bondage.

In Bible, dreaming about a family friend could be something God is trying to reveal to you.  Your dream about a particular set of person in your family is an indication of your worries about the nature of the person. On the other hand, it perhaps shows that you don’t want to divulge information to him, nursing a feeling that he might use it against you. Probably you want to make some findings about the person, but in real life the person is gentle and peaceful in some cases.


DREAMING  ABOUT EVIL FAMILY HOUSE – Spiritual Meaning and Interpretation

An evil house is a place where the blessing of God is absent. The best thing that can happen to a man is to leave a house known to constitute problems to his life and destiny. There are some family houses plagued with struggles and poverty. The moment a person enter and stays in that house, he would have contacted the evil burdens.  If you dream of  staying in an evil house, it indicates that you are being trapped down by powers.

The biblical meaning of an evil house on fire can represent demotion as well as destruction. If we turn to our Bible to Proverbs 14:11, The house of the wicked shall be overthrown: but the tabernacle of the upright shall flourish., The Scriptures has also explain to us that evil house is connected to bad foundation. If you can remember the evil house, it will be very obvious to start avoiding it. If the house is your friends or family house, find ways to leave or pack out of the house for safety.

Having an evil house dream is a sign that you are closely related to people who are evil and capable of causing havoc. This is why you must spiritually sensitive. The Bible says that as many as led by the spirit of God are the sons of God (Rom 8:14). If you had ever lived in a bad house, then the witchcraft powers on that house could be breaking you away from success and prosperity.

This dream might be a warning to stop going to a place with high degree of witchcraft. You could be having this dream because you have enemies among your family lying wait to destroy your star.  The appearance of an evil house in your dream might be telling you to start praying for the full recovery of your destiny. There can never be peace and progress in a strange house. But if you found a good place or house to relax, it represent a smooth plans or dreams are about to manifest.

To find yourself in a strange looking house could also be described as a place where God’s grace, mercy and protection would stop functioning, a place where evil dream thrives among the tenant or family members. A bad house could be described as a place where progress and good health are arrested. If you are building a new house or someone else is building a home for you in your dream, it indicates progress in your endeavors.

Sometimes, the devil can use this house to divert your destiny. In order words, it means there will be no record of breakthrough or miracle. On the other hand, if you see your village as the evil house, then your battles are from the powers of your father’s house or mother’s house. When you have this dream, it means there are hinderance to your financial and spiritual progress. You need to resist the devil. You need to bind and cast out evil network over you.

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