Dream About Cooking Food


Matthew 4:4
But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

While eating food in the dream is demonic, cooking food is bad for every Christian. Cooking various kind of foods in the spirit realm have been a mystery that has been affecting the lives of people for many times. This type of dream is usually a common experience for women. Once cooking is involved too much in your dream, you are likely to experience slavery and unstable emotions.  It is true that cooking is part of a woman’s pride. That’s true. But the moment such person is cooking anything in the spiritual world, the person (woman) will not be useful for men.

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A dream about cooking food could be a disturbing experience, especially if you woke up sad. These dreams can represent a symbol of manipulative spirit and a way of exposing you to strong battles.  Cooking dream is symbolic in meaning. If you are a pregnant woman and you see yourself cooking, there is likely to be problem associated to the successful delivery of the pregnancy. But if not marry, you are going to be abandoned by men – bad luck. In some cases, seeing yourself boiling or cooking in the dream, could symbolize feeling powerless or sad, or feeling as if you are being manipulated by the enemies.

To cook is to prepare a food to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the spirit realm, the process of cooking a food indicates that the dreamer belongs to the institute of witchcraft caterers. This is especially true of the people who usually experience movement around the body. The dream meaning is not far from those who often eats Nigerian food, African food, American food etc. However,  if you dreamed that you served a person food means that you are influenced by the devil to cause big problems in the life of someone. On the other hand, if another person cooked food in a party and serve you, it means a quick for witchcraft initiation into their kingdom. If you eventually eat it, it means you will keep experiencing negative symptoms such as lack of focus, inability to see clearly.

In addition, the picture of cooking foods or fruits could be scary and frightening to some people especially women. Most dreams that originates from cooking or boiling, according to experience gathered from people, can make a woman barren or encounter miscarriage in future.  If you dreamed that you cooked and tasted it by yourself, this usually indicates a self imposed problems from your mouth. Perhaps, you sensed that your mouth or what you said to others has contributed negatively into your emotional life. Dreams in which you were cooking eggs, is usually a very bad sign. It indicate a person or a woman has previously committed abortion or a sign that her womb is likely to be removed. Such dreams are the expectation of the devil to make her sorrowful.

Deuteronomy 23:5 
Nevertheless the Lord thy God would not hearken unto Balaam; but the Lord thy God turned the curse into a blessing unto thee, because the Lord thy God loved thee.

Generally, the spiritual aspect for cooking food is an indication that a person is seriously bewitched. For example, if you dreamed and see yourself cooking eggs, fish, snail, fowl, beans, soup, stew etc, they are bad symbols. And it is telling you are into  witchcraft bondage from your mother’s house. This dream also signifies the dreamer is experiencing the attack of foundational curse of limitation and unfruitfulness. For example, this dream could reveal clearly that your mother does not want you to go out and be socially active. If this is a true sign, you may need to pray against strange woman. Possibly, this dream represent the curse of late marriage issued upon you.

Seeing yourself cooking in a kitchen in your dream symbolizes captivity and barriers. This can be your major attacks in life. To cook in a kitchen signifies that there is spirit husband in place. If you discover all attempts to come out of your problems proved abortive, then you need to see a pastor for deliverance. This problem can be tough when your spiritual life is down or your parents could accuse you for not being responsible.

In addition, if you see yourself being with a strange woman in a kitchen, this means you will soon have illness and fear. If you dream that you are in a kitchen eating, it means that you have unbroken vow and covenant. This is the reason why many are suffering today. If in your dream you served your husband food, this is a bad symbol. this indicates that the enemy will use you to cause problems between you and your husband. You must reject any attempt to transfer your virtues or pervert your glory.

Other dream interpretations

  • Dream about eating from the pot while cooking, it symbolizes stealing and lack of satisfaction. This usually bring shame and scare people away from the dreamer.
  • Seeing yourself cooking without adding ingredients, it indicates your stress and worries because of some situations that you are passing through.
  • Dreaming about tasting your food while cooking it, it indicates lack of patience, not allowing God to do his work in your life. Please wait a little.
  • Dream about cooking your favourite food, it signifies the plans of the enemy to use your favourite food to serve you food in the dream. This might bring sickness and slow down your goals.
  • If you see your husband or boyfriend in the kitchen cooking for you in dreams, it signifies that your husband or boyfriend loves you. It tells you how much he cares for you.
  • Dream about cooking breakfast, it portends a bad signal that your day will be troubled and your activity will not be so favourable to you.
  • Dream about cooking lunch, It reveals that you are about to experience mockery and unpleasant situations.
  • Dream about cooking dinner, This is the biggest among all. It represents disappointment, bewitchment and stagnation. If such is dream is common, it mean sickness or a sign that you belong to witchcraft.
  • To dream of cooking insect, birds, it shows that your destiny has been amputated. Going for deliverance might be the best alternatives.
  • Dream of boiling your urine, it signifies sickness, emotional problem, and lack of progress.
  • If you dream of cooking okro, it indicates sluggishness and unprofitable works.
  • If you dream of cooking in a wedding gathering, it usually symbolizes marital attack. But if the person doing the wedding is your friend, it therefore tells you such person is about to marry.
  • If you dream of cooking blood, it means miscarriage, barrenness and inability to see period. It can also represent double tragedy and bad news coming. Or your child is about to sick.
  • If you dream of cooking your local food, beware of destiny wasters of your father’s house or mother’s house.
  • If you dream of cooking rat, lizard, wall gaekko, spider, frog, cockroach, mosquitoes, etc, it shows that the witchcraft are after your pregnancy, marriage and destiny. Please pray well.

Cooking or boiling fruits or foods in the dream is a weapon or device of witchcraft for people spiritually in their dreams.  While food is important to man in the waking life, but spiritually, it brings the destiny of man to destruction.  Our Lord Jesus also faced this challenge but refused to fall for the temptation by turning down the offer of polluted food. Mark 15:23. If you continue to experience such dream may scatter your hopes and allows you to be slothful. Therefore, cooking is a means of arresting and polluting the spirit of a person. The main reason why cooking dream is bad is because it serves as a poison and evil deposit in a person’s body.

Many women cooks because cooking is part of their everyday lives. They usually do this with passion. In dreams, there are lots of spiritual meaning attached to it. The type of food you cook in the fire holds an essential part of your dream. For example, if you see yourself cooking on fire, it is a bad meaning . It indicates difficulties, mental disturbance and anger spirit. If you were trying to cook something for visitors, then it shows you are going to have problems with some people. This is because of the witchcraft powers that are using your destiny. However, if you are the type of women that usually cook for strangers, that means they have bought or hired you spiritually to be affiliating with wrong people in your life. This can make your marriage struggling to manifest or fruitful.

To cook snails in a dream is often indicates a serious problem in your marriage and home battles.  This type of dream allows a woman to be unprofitable, and nuisance in home. Sometimes, a frequent dream of cooking snail can portend a person  is plagued with curses and captivity of his father’s house or mother’s house. These dreams leave the dreamer with yoke of business failure and general loss. Cooking in dreams could sometimes tells a person that he or she needs deliverance from marine spirits.

No matter what you are cooking in dreams, the meaning is always negative. Depending on the outcome that may surround it. If you see your cooking in the village symbolizes backwardness and marital hopelessness.  If you are a foreigner and you keep seeing yourself cooking in your village or back home,  whatever how important it is, this is an indication of evil manipulation coming. If you manage to travel, you may meet setbacks or misfortunes. When a woman see herself often in the village cooking majorly for occasion such as wedding, traditional marriage, child dedication, birthday etc, know that she will experience series of challenges. One of the major ones is, being a problem to man. There is no point ignoring this dream because its meaning may catch up with you in future.


Dream About Cooking Meat – Spiritual dream meanings

When you have a dream where you are cooking meat, it means that you are going through a lot of spiritual problems.  Generally, meat dream is a reflection of a person being possessed into marine world. To see meat in your dream is a message of spiritual arrest and evil programmer. If you see yourself cooking fresh meat, it represents roadblocks, and if you are a woman, it implies your glory is caged; It becomes tragic when you see it. If for example, you ate the meat after cooking it, it means you have been bewitched and can portend that you are no more in control of your life. Perhaps you are feeling that your opportunities have gone.  Maybe your deliverance you did in a church seems to be incomplete.  Maybe you are experiencing the evil loads on sickness on you. Alternatively, the dream could mean that your enemies are fighting hard to keep you in perpetual bondage of stagnation.

If you dream of cooking goat meat, dog meat, cow meat, others birds, chickens, turkey etc, it is possible that you might have lost your blessings. If this is true, then the dreamer will keep on struggle in pains without any results. Sometimes it is related to evil dedication and visiting strange prayer house and may tell you that the devil is after you, so it is better to keep thinks clear the strange places you might have gone to in order to avoid any escalated troubles or attacks.  In addition, if you dream about someone asking you to cook meat, it means your reputation is about to be tarnished, and if care is not taken, the symptoms could come as a form of satanic exchange of destiny. To cook meat in dream is a warning sign that a certain person or enemy is trying to do you harm. Even if the meat taste good in your mouth, you should break any demonic covenant working against you.


Dream About Cooking Fish – Spiritual Meaning

The appearance of cooking fish in your dream means something is not going on well with you . You might be feeling limited by some environmental witchcraft around you. These dream is telling you that there is a certain demonic covenant and curses that are stealing your virtues.  If you can pray to know the particular one, sincerely it would really help you in the areas of your deliverance. While cooking fish in your dreams is present and is telling you that you are surrounded with unfriendly friend giving you ungodly advises or counsel . If you dream of cooking fresh, dried fish or a live fish, it symbolizes that a person will not be capable to achieve success or prosperity. If you dreamed where you cooked fish, it may mean that your spiritual life is dormant. This is a situation where you can no longer hear from heaven and having testimonies. If in the dream, the fish is talking, it means ancestral serpents. If you dream that you cooked, your soul has been challenged due to some powers.

On the other hand, if you burn the food, fish or cook something that’s not good, it represents the attack of illness, errors, mistakes, failures and even loss of something. In your dream, if you feed someone after cooking a food or fish, it represents the devil is taking efforts to use you to cause tragedy in the life of someone. Cooking or boiling fish or meat always indicates an empty soul, or a person suffering from attack from home. Maybe your dream about cooking or boiling water indicates your worries about your parents or your situations. In some cases, this dream could indicate your involvement into witchcraft practice. Maybe you are collecting strange gifts from occult people. If you loves to eat fish more than meat, then this type of dream could indicate the need to go for deliverance.

Cooking Nigerian Foods In Dreams

If cooking Nigerian foods is in your dream is a bad symbol. This usually tells you that local demons trying to paralyze your spirit-man.  For example, if you dream of cooking Akara, eba, stew, ogbono, egusi etc, it means that you cannot make faster progress or grow. Usually, this dream tells you that there is a evil luggage. If you dream that you cooked crayfish, it indicates problem with your finances. It may be your dream about cooking, or eating some Nigerian foods may be a great conflict between each other.

If you dream that you are cooking some Nigerian food for others, it means you are being plagued for slavery and mockery.  If you dream of people cooking human beings in a pot, bowl etc and using knife to cut them to pieces, then it is clear that eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood are planning to assassinate someone else destiny; This is a wake up call to be very observant as this dream could signal death, or a symbol of a person under satanic torment and manipulation. If you dreamed about cooking moimoi for yourself or for someone, such dream is often a bad sign, symbolizing sadness and affliction . This dream possibly reveals your preparedness to undergo serious prayers against foundation and evil inheritance. Such dream can also be a warning. It might indicate having a connection with the ancestral and marine demons.

Spiritual meaning (house girl)

If you dream that your mother is cooking for the family, this is a bad symbol. This indicates a sign that your mother is already influenced by witchcraft powers to trouble the family. This is true when you discover the attitude of your mother is unbecoming. Additionally, this is an indication that your mother is wicked. But if you discover this is not true, it can also tell you that she is about to go against the authority of the husband. Sometimes, a mother cooking for the family could be an outlook of witches that she carries to scatter the family. Mother is generally family in the spirit realm. When you see mother cooking something, but on getting to the kitchen, she did not allow you to open the pot, this is a sign that she is secretive and could be keeping away something important from you or family.

Maybe you are planning for your marriage or about to introduce the man to her. Perhaps, your instinct is telling you that she is diabolic or involving herself into fetish things, however it could be passing a message to you. One of them is that, she is likely to be responsible to some certain that are happening to some people in the family. It may be a warning about you giving her a little gap or it may indicate that she is planning to cage someone. Dreaming about your mother or others putting charm in a pot while cooking, it implies that your soul is into demonic covenant. If you woke up having serious fear for your mother or other, then It is a dream which contains captivity or bondage. You are getting set to travel abroad. Or maybe you dream that your house girl or maid is cooking for you, watch out for such child, it could tell you to monitor such girl. It could have been bewitched to bewitched your children.

On the dream about house girl cooking for you, If your dream involved a maid cooking for you, it show your marriage will experience sickness and trouble from no where. The danger here is that, it will affect the relationship between the man and woman. It is possible that the powers in the place where the little girl came from was actually in her to be a spiritual burden to others that care for her. Sometimes, they even don’t know that they are into satanic bondage until you let them know about it and take them for deliverance.

Although, many house girls are good, but very few of them are actually agent of the devil. Perhaps, you are planning to get one for yourself, then this dream surface, then it becomes a voice on you that you shouldn’t border now until you are convince to get one. Or maybe you dream that the house girl is cooking and adding strange things into the pot, if you wake up confused, then immediately pray for her if you use to pray for her. Or else you take her to church. Because failure to act on time, it may put your marriage at a greater risk.

Dreams are picture of what is happening or about to happen. Act fast and don’t be ignorance of the devices of the enemy. After having employing the service of maid it is possible to dream of your maid in your dream world.  The dream could also be a reminder that  there is a big problem about to manifest in your home and your maid could be used as a tool of the devil to carryout this operation. You need to train your maid in the way of the Lord, and pay a close monitoring on her. Dream about housemaid itself could be interpreted more in our subsequent bulletin.

Dream about your wife cooking for you

If you are a man and you dream that your wife is cooking what you don’t like, this could be a poison. It may not necessary be a physical poison, but a spiritual one. Because the spiritual part means that she has a bad attitude and her attitude is affecting you as a man. In addition it could tell you to pay close monitoring on her. However, if it is true that your wife is a good Christian and some of her doing are unchristian, then it is telling you that your wife might be a great burden to you and children. You are giving her money to cook good meal for you, sadly, the taste of her food is usually bad, then it is safe to conclude that she has reached an advance level to frustrate you. This dream is all about telling your wife in some areas, but in other areas, she is so weak.  If as a man, you dreamed that she poisoned you, kindly take water to purge it or alternatively, meet your pastor for prayers.

Dream about strangers cooking for you

Spiritually, a stranger dream usually portend evil spirit, strongman, principalities, or envious witchcraft. On the other hand, If you are a woman and you dream of a stranger going to your kitchen cooking for you and your husband, this is not really a  good sign. It shows there is a third party in your polluting all your foods.  This stranger might come to your home through you or your husband to torment your home with affliction. It become more tragic when you are an expected mother. Because it mean that you are likely to be called a fruitful woman. I decree, let every plan of the enemy against you, scatter by fire, in the name of Jesus. It could be a dream indicting that the presence of demon in your home scattering all your good plans and expectations. Think if your husband is dating any woman if any then pray against any evil woman defiling and poisoning your marriage. If a stranger is cooking for you, this portend a great battle to fight. If you are not strong spiritually, the devil might win. Perhaps, you know the person that usually feeds or cooks for you, but on moving closer, his identity was hidden, that means familiar spirit.


If you notice the types of dream is recurring, being silent about it may affect the plans of God for your life, so meet your pastor to conduct necessary deliverance for you.


  • Be a good cook to your husband
  • Take a good care of your husband/wife
  • Try to always be a hardworking woman/man
  • Try not to suggest the service of maid to your husband when its not necessary.
  • Don’t over think yourself over the negative meaning of this dream, you are more likely to develop more emotional problems.
  • Cook a favourite meal for your husband.
  • Follow advice that’s supported by experts.


Now The Way Out

  1. Always get connected to Jesus Christ.
  2. Surrender your life to Him.
  3. Rededicate your life over and over again.
  4. Be obedient to your husband and listen to instruction.
  5. Repent and confess your sins.
  6. Destroy the demons summoning you into kitchen to cook.
  7. Break the barriers influencing you to take wrong decision.
  8. Read your Bible always and pray very well.
  9. Purge out every evil deposit in your body by decreeing into anointing oil.
  10. Call the Blood of Jesus deliver you from witchcraft kitchen.
  11. Give praises to God.

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  1. Good evening sir,i dreamt were i was cooking in my Father’s house with firewood together with my brother but we later left it nd ran away, what could be the meaning please.

  2. l dreamtpf cooking jollof rice without much ingredients. I did not even wash the rice after parboiling it hutbi started tasting bimthe food while it was still cooking. What does it mean please.

  3. I had a dream where I was cooking noddle .. after finishing cook I remember I did not add ingredients like magi and fish .. so I tasted it my self it was ok with out ingredients. I gave half portion to my mother she tasted hers it was go and I tasted her it was bad .. confusing I guess

  4. I had a dream that my father gave me food to cook for him while I just finished preparing spaghetti what is the meaning?

  5. I Dream after eat intestine carrying meat in my back with my cloths and when reach a place removing the meat into a small pot to warm it before eat it, on reaching the fire, the first fire was puenche likewise the second fire then put it on the third fire. and i wake up.

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