When Deliverance Becomes A Problem To Many Christians


This is a very crucial teaching full of revelations, designed to help serious Christians receive full deliverance from what they have been going through for these many years! Today we see many Christians going for deliverance from pillar to pole but to no avail. The simple solution to what you are going through is in the Bible which is contained in this expository teaching! Friend, have you ever sat down to think, meditate and do research to find out why the problem in your life and family has persisted despite all the efforts you have made? Now here are the answers –

1. LACK OF GENUINE REPENTANCE – If one who says he or she is a Christian, and has not fully repented but playing lip service in his or her repentance, it will hinder one’s deliverance from stubborn situations! See the example of genuine repentance in Acts 19:18-20. When these people repented in Ephesus after listening to paul’s preaching, they did not only give their lives to Christ, they brought out all their magic arts which they used in making incantations and divinations and burnt them to ashes! Note, these things were very expensive to them but because they were genuinely converted, they destroyed these items! That is true repentance in action. Today many people who claim to have repented and are in the Church working for God, singing in the choir, leading congregations, doing evangelism, preaching the gospel of Christ are still holding unto demonic items. Some of these Christians are still watching pornography, worldly movies, listening to worldly music and attending worldly parties! And these people are seeking for deliverance which they will never find! Genuine repentance that will guarantee your complete deliverance from demonic possessions is to courageously do what the brethren in the above passage did in Ephesus!

2. EVIL FOUNDATION – This is another reason why many Christians cannot experience full deliverance. The Bible says if the foundation is destroyed what can the righteous do? Ps 11:3. Evil foundation refers to those things that took place before you were born or those things that happened at your birth when you were a baby. That is, some evil and wicked things your Ancestors did many centuries past such as demonic burial, ritual killings, slave trade, demonic incantations thereby handing over the destiny of the family to demon idol, idol worship etc which nobody in your family has ever addressed through aggressive prayers. Read Ex 20:4,5, Jere 16:1-4,10-11. These things have constituted to some people’s full deliverance and they don’t know! In short, evil foundation is a serious problem rocking our generation. It is a hidden problem that is why many people don’t know it. Note, genuine repentance is the first step to your full deliverance while deliverance from Foundational bondage is another step in this direction. If you know you have genuinely repented and the problem in your life and family persists, you better address your foundation. The Lord Jesus Christ also taught on the need to have a solid foundation if you must succeed and breakthrough in life! Mt 7:24-27. Foundational problem is a stubborn problem!

3. WORLDLY LIFESTYLE – This is another thing that can hinder you from total deliverance! If you have embraced the lifestyle of the people of the world and you are asking for deliverance, you are wasting your time. The Bible says the friendship with the world is enmity with God. James 4:4. That is, anyone who wants to live like the world will automatically become an enemy of God! And as an enemy of God, you cannot expect God to come to your aid as He does for His children. Think about it. This is a very simple analysis. Many Christians are full of worldliness and carnality in their lifestyles and they are seeking for deliverance from God without first of all change their attitude and genuinely repent. This may even anger Satan and his agents to handle your case in a more aggressive manner! If you see some Christian workers on the street you will never believe that they have ever read Bible in their lives, looking from their physical appearance! As long as you live a worldly life, you belong to Satan. You belong to the opposing camp no matter your title or position in the Church. This is what Satan is using to capture the majority of believers today. Be warned!

4. WEAK PRAYERS – Many Christians are seeking for full deliverance but their prayer life is weak. The Bible says from the time of John the Baptist till now, the kingdom of God is suffering violence and it is the violent people that are entering it! Mt 11:12. For you to experience true deliverance from stubborn situations, you must go violent and offer fire prayers! Look, any day you become violent in your prayer efforts against what you are going through, your prayers will be heard in heaven! I know what I am saying. I’m talking out of experience. Let me tell you point blank, a prayerless Christian can never be free from demonic possessions not to talk about going to heaven. Terrible demons are on the way to push you back from entering that beautiful place called heaven! The Bible says we should be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might! Eph 6:10. You need to change your prayer method to be free from demonic problems and to get to heaven at last!

5. INDECENT DRESSING CODE – This is a serious hindrance to many Christians’ full deliverance, especially women! Do you know that as God is serious about your physical appearance so also the devil is also serious in making you to dress worldly to displease God and be thrown into hell fire on the last day? God wants all Christians to dress fine as daughters of Sarah (ITim 2:9,10, 1pet 3:3-5) whereas Satan wants you to dress like daughters of Jezebel. 2Kgs 9:30, Isa 3:16-23. God wants you to remove those things that make you look like an idol from your body for you to be presentable to His kingdom but Satan wants you to put those things on so that you will be rejected at the gate of heaven on that day! God wants you to maintain your natural hairdo and body as God gave to you frm your mother’s womb but Satan wants you to change your hairdo and body from natural to unnatural to look fine on this earth thereby deceiving you eternally. If God should open your eyes in the Spirit to see the battle going on between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness over your soul, you will no longer be arguing and live a careless life any more! There is a serious struggle for your soul in the spiritual realm! Be wise and stay with God. Pls always dress well to avoid demons pursuing you and entering into your body! Stop painting your lips and fingers with these demonic chemicals and Stop hanging all these jewelries such as earrings, bangles on your body which is the temple of God to avoid demons coming to inhabit your body. Note, as long as these things are hanging or found on your body, you now belong to satan’s kingdom whether you believe it or not! Satan is claiming the ownership of your soul in the spiritual realm whereas you are here in the Church singing and Dancing that you are on your way to heaven. What a great deception! Friend, If you benefit from this teaching just type REVELATION!

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