Dealing With Evil Dreams



There are good and bad dreams. Dream is the picture of our future. Dream can be revealed to someone what will happen in future. God has designed us to dream so that we can know the agenda of the devil and God’s promises for us. Our dream life is our foundation. When your dream life is full of nightmares, this means there is a serious problem with your foundation. No wonder God revealed to King Pharaoh in his dream that there would be seven years of abundance of food and seven years of hunger. King Pharaoh stored food for the hunger time, Egypt and his environs were saved throughout the period of starvation (Gen 41:22-32). We can see how God revealed to Pharaoh through dream.

In the days of Joseph, his dreams made his own brothers and his brethren to hate him for those dreams he dreamt and was immediately sold to Egypt (Gen 37:5-10). As small as he is, he never allow anything to obstruct his gift of interpreting dreams to people. Joseph would revealed dreams that nobody has ever interpreted. He was a hot cake. Everyone always run to him for help. The destiny of Joseph was made clear to him in his dream, but he refused to keep quiet, he kept talking, his ability to interpret dreams brought him out of prison and gave him favour before Pharaoh (Gen 41:1-41). Brethren, if you read your Bible very well from the account of Nebuchadnezzar and others, you will discover that those men never played with their dream-life.

Today, the enemy has blinded the spirit man of many people in such a way that whenever they wake up they can easily forget everything that transpired in their dreams. There are some that will manage to remember the beginning but the end part would be missed. If you are such a Christian, you are living a time bomb and the enemy is somewhere happy at your cheap ignorance. I sincerely pity those who don’t dream at all and they are boasting about it. If you don’t dream at all, it means you are in a great danger and if care is not taken, they may waste you at any time. Those who don’t dream at all can easily fall prey to evil attacks at any time of the day.

Through this ministry, by the grace of God, I have interpreted some dreams to my Facebook followers and those that come to visit me for interpretations, as they are accurate, correct, and clear with some biblical backing. The devil is an expert at building confusion when it comes to dream. The enemy keep on deceiving people that bad dream has no spiritual effect. Many people are destroyed through bad dreams. The moment they had those horrible dreams at that particular time, to open their mouth to pray is a big problem. Some Church doctrines have not be able to encourage their members about the danger of bad dreams. I have seen some people who had received countless of attack in their dreams and that spiritual arrow will attack them in the physical realm. Deal with that evil dream of the past now before it disgraces or eliminates you. Deal with that evil dream that was not completed. It is dangerous. Don’t play with your dream life. Its your destiny.


CONFESSION: Numbers 23:23; ”Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel: according to this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel. What hath God wrought.”


PRAISE AND WORSHIP GOD. PRAY IN TONGUES IF YOU ARE LED. Takes these prayer bullets during the day and MIDNIGHT (12am-2am)

1. O Lord forgive me for any sin that’s making me powerless in the dream in Jesus’ name.

2. Father Lord I bring my dream life before you, in the name of Jesus

3. Lord, I ask that you charge my dreams with your fire in Jesus’ name.

4. I break every curse issued against my dream life in the name of Jesus.

5. I break and loose myself from every dream captivity in the name of Jesus.

6. O Lord help me to draw closer to you in Jesus’ name.

7. O Lord empower me to receive divine revelations in my dreams in the name of Jesus.

8. Every satanic power controlling my dream life be overthrown by fire in the name of Jesus.

9. Every evil bird programmed into my life from my place of birth, come out now and die by fire in the name of Jesus.

10. O Lord, use my dreams to show me my divine spiritual assignment in the name of Jesus.

11. O Lord, give me dreams that will add to my life in the name of Jesus.

12. O Lord show me visions of heaven in my dreams in the name of Jesus.

13. I silence every evil voice speaking in my dreams in the name of Jesus.

14. I paralyze every satanic appearance in my dreams in Jesus’ name.

15. Dream attackers, eat your own flesh, and drink your own blood in the name of Jesus.

16. Let my dreams become channels of divine revelations in Jesus’ name.

17. Every altar of dream manipulation fashioned against my life, receive divine judgment and burn to ashes in Jesus’ name.

18. Every strongman in my dreams, be arrested, be bound by hot chains and fetters of God in Jesus’ name.

19. You strongman in my dreams, I release the fire of God against you, die and burn to ashes in the name of Jesus.

20. Witchcraft dreams clear away by fire in the name of Jesus.

21. Every satanic arrow fired into my life in the dream, come out now and go to your senders in the name of Jesus.

22. I command every evil plantation in my life, come out with all you roots in the name of Jesus! (Lay your hands on your stomach and keep repeating the emphasized area.)

23. Evil strangers in my body, come all the way out of your hiding places in the name of Jesus.

24. I disconnect any conscious or unconscious linkage with demonic caterers in the name of Jesus.

25. Let all avenues of eating or drinking spiritual poisons be close in the name of Jesus.

26. I cough out and vomit any food eaten from the table of the devil in the name of Jesus.

27. Let all negative materials circulating in my blood stream be evacuated in the name of Jesus’.

28. I drink the blood of Jesus. (Physically swallow and drink it in faith. Keep doing this for some time).

29. Let all evil spiritual feeders warring against me drink their own blood and eat their own flesh.

30. I command all demonic food utensils fashioned against me to be roasted in the name of Jesus.

31. Holy Ghost fire, circulate all over my body.

32. I command all physical poisons inside my system to be neutralized in the name of Jesus.

33. Let all evil assignments fashioned against me through the mouth gate be nullified in the name of Jesus.

34. Let all spiritual problems attached to any hour of the night be cancelled in the name of Jesus.

35. Let all catering equipment of evil caterers attached to me be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

36. I command my digestive system to reject every evil command in the name of Jesus.

37. Let all satanic designs of oppression against me in dreams and visions be frustrated in the name of Jesus.

38. I remove my name from the register of evil feeders with the blood of Jesus.

39. Let the habitation of evil caterers become desolate in the name of Jesus.

40. I paralyse the spirit that brings bad dreams to me in the name of Jesus.

41. Let the fire of the Holy Ghost destroy any evil list containing my name of Jesus.

42. Let the fire of the Holy Ghost destroy any evil list containing my name in the name of Jesus.

43. I destroy any coffin prepared for me through dream in the name of Jesus.

44. I cancel and wipe off all evil dreams in the name of Jesus.

45. I destroy every satanic accident organized for my sake in the name of Jesus.

46. Let the blood of Jesus wash all the organs in my body in the name of Jesus.

47. Let all sicknesses planted in my life through evil spiritual food be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

48. Let the blood of Jesus erase all evil dreams in the name of Jesus.

49. Let the fire of God boil all rivers harbouring unfriendly demons in the name of Jesus.

50. Let all evil dreams be replaced with blessings in the name of Jesus.

51. I command all my good dreams to come to pass in the name of Jesus.

52. I cover myself with the blood of Jesus and I pray, I shall not experience bad dreams again and forever in Jesus’ name.

53. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers. 15minutes

FURTHER STUDIES: Matt 7:24-27; 2 Cor 10:3-4; Luke 11:21-22; Job 33:13

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