Today is DAY 8 of the 21 days MIDNIGHT PRAYERS. 

TIME: 12:00am – 1:00am (Nigerian Time). Kindly start the prayers at exactly 12:00am


Isaiah 54:15 says, ‘‘Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.”

Isaiah 8:10 says, “Take counsel together, and it shall come to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand: for God is with us.”

The Bible records that the demon always gathered themselves somewhere. Gathering against the children of God has been the focus point of the devil. The agreement which they stand upon in the kingdom of darkness makes their operation to be brutal against their victims. There is the power of agreement. There is no prayer as effective as prayers of agreement and ability to stand on it. The devil understands this concept of praying in agreement. If you want to get them easily, command the power of God to make them forget themselves. That is one of the ways your prayers can arrest them, harm them and disposses them of your glory.


Matthew 18:19  says, Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

Amos 3:3 says, Can two walk together, except they be agreed?


Brethren know that the the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; Before you conclude that you want to wage war against your enemies gathering against you, you must first check about your spiritual tank. Is your spiritual tank getting low or full? And perhaps, Are you born again? Are you living a righteous life or not? Have you given your life to Christ? If yes, congratulations! But if you think you have backsliden, it is important you rededicate your soul, spirit and body to God. Be caution of heaven! Once you have done that successfully, then you are now eligible to fight these powers through the following underlist prayers.


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Say this after me: ”As I begin to use this anointing oil to pray as a symbol of agreement with heaven, I command the fresh power of God to enter this oil for deliverance, healing, restoration, victory and joy, in the name of Jesus. According to your word in Psalm 105:15, any evil hand touching my anointing, let destruction be their lot, in the name of Jesus. I declare that the yoke of the enemy upon my life and destiny shall be broken by the risen of the anointing (Isa 10:27), in the name of Jesus. My star will no longer be visible to my enemies. In Mark 6:13, O Lord, let Your fresh power upon this oil cast out the presence of darkness in my life, in the name of Jesus. No matter where my enemies are judging my case, I plead the blood of Jesus upon this oil to scatter them unto desolation, in the name of Jesus. As I use this oil on my head, let it restore my glory and open the gate of my blessings into my life. As I use this oil on my feet, I decree the power of God shall take me to the place of my favour, in the name of Jesus. My Father, Let your power upon this oil begin to fight all my enemies holding my life in captivity, in Jesus name. You this stubborn affliction …(mention the case), hear the word of the Lord, die in Jesus name. Therefore, right now, under the prophetic instruction as agree by your servant (Evangelist Joshua), I put this oil as a mark of victory in my room, on my womb etc, from tonight in the name of Jesus.

As I SHOUT HOLY GHOST FIRE 72 TIMES, LET ANY YOKE IN MY LIFE BREAK  BY FIRE, in the name of Jesus. ANYWHERE THEY ARE JUDGING MY CASE, LET THE FIRE OF ELIJAH, KILL THEM, in Jesus name. I declare that as long as the word of God liveth, I will not leave this world with marital and financial shame. For this purpose, all the works, scheme of the enemy plotting against me is destroyed in the name of Jesus. O LORD let your virtue, power upon your servant overturn these difficult issues (mention them) in my life, in the name of Jesus. I believe that the power of God upon your servant will settle my case (2 Chro 20:20), in the name of Jesus. I believe that this oil will perform mysterious miracle in my life and I shall be the first to testify in Jesus name.Thank you Jesus for answering my prayer



1. I point my finger to the heavenlies, anywhere my enemies are converging at midnight to render evil prayers against my life and destiny, I render it null and void, in the name of Jesus.(Pray it effectively)

2. By divine agreement, anywhere my destiny has been CRYING in the wilderness, O God arise and let my destiny CONNECT back to me, in the name of Jesus.(Holy your heads while you take this prayer)

3. EVIL AGGREMENT binded in the spiritual world against my moving forward, marriage, glory, children, visa etc, BE NULLIFIED! DISSOLVED BY FIRE! in the name of Jesus.(Pray it with enough of strength)

4. My spiritman currently in the network of witchcraft, I PULL YOU OUT completely in the name of Jesus.(Demonstrate it with your hands. Pull them down)

5. Any power that says I will not move faster but CRAWLING, everlasting frustration will be your address; I declare my speedy acceleration this year, in the name of Jesus

6. Any EVIL JUDGEMENT pronounced upon me and my marriage, I CANCEL IT in the astral world, in the name of Jesus. (If you are married, bring out your marriage certificate and declare words of power on it)

7. My Father, the body that is wearing my cloth of DESTINY, FAVOUR AND SUCCESS, that cloth shall disappear on their body, in the name of Jesus. MY GARMENT OF FAVOUR, I AM AVAILABLE, FALL UPON ME.

8. Any man or woman that is going to meet an evil man/woman, false prophet against my marriage, against my career, against my promotion, against my womb etc, tonight, they will embark on a journey of no return, in the name of Jesus. (Pray it with your mind in heaven)

9. O Lord, on the day of battle when the enemy is declaring furious INCANTATIONS in the air, MY GOD ARISE IN YOUR VENGEANCE, and destroy their mouth by fire, in the name of Jesus.(Pray it 7 times)

10. O LORD, let the eyes of my adversaries planning to attack me, let their eyes not OPEN until my life take a good turn this year, in the name of Jesus. (Declare it with 21 times)

11. MY FATHER, Any location where my destiny has been held hostage by the wicked powers of my father’s house and mother’s house, TONIGHT, I COMMAND MY DESTINY TO JUMP OUT AND LOCATE ME. That wicked powers will die shamefully, in the name of Jesus. (Silent for 3 minutes and observe things in the spirit)

12. My Lord, I declare that at their coven of meeting, they shall never come to agreement over me, they shall go blind over my case, in the name of Jesus.(Pray it with concentration)

13. O God, arise as a Man of War, go to my VILLAGE, go to my TOWN, go to my FATHER’S HOUSE and my MOTHER’S HOUSE and arrest the powers disturbing and stopping my destiny, in the name of Jesus. (Pray it till your spirit tells you to stop)

14. O LORD, whoever has evil plan in mind for me and my……(mention them) this year, let them be the carrier of it and let it return to sender, in the name of Jesus.

15. As my enemies are joining forces together against me, I come in agreement with You O LORD, arise and SCATTER them, do not let their counsel to stand against me, in Jesus name.

16.MY FATHER, Any familiar spirit that has taken my prayer points of this year to their kingdom for blessing diversion, O God arise, and destroy them. Let my prayer points DISAPPEAR by fire, in Jesus name. (If you are feeling somehow, the prayer might be working now)

17. O LORD, any of my relatives that is a member of witchcraft, occultic, marine, thereby given them report about my progress and activities, before 72 hours, let that person be EXPOSED and CONFESSED in the name of Jesus. (Say this prayer 7 times. Dont be afriad and dont suspect anybody while taking this prayer)

18. Anywhere they are CALLING and SHOUTING at my names for SUMMONING and MANIPULATION, THE MAN OF WAR, arise and scatter the powers unto desolation, in the name of Jesus.

19. O LORD, at their meeting, anything they have collectively agreed together against me, I DECLARE IT NULL AND VOID in heaven, in the name of Jesus.

20. My Father, whether the enemy likes it or not, I must escape myself from their territory. I MUST PASS THROUGH AND MAKE IT IN JESUS NAME.

21. Pray for EVANGELIST JOSHUA, MINISTRY & PARTNERS worldwide. Begin to thank the name of the LORD for answering your prayers tonight. PRAISE THE LORD!!!






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  1. Evangelist Joshua i thank God the way He use you to uplift so many people spiritually i pray for too that God should strengthen you as we go on in this MIDNIGHT PRAYER

  2. Please sir exactly what time am I suppose to start my midnight prayer. Is it good to start it by 2am or must it be 12am before it can work? Is the21 days still on or can I start my own today?

  3. My name is David and a member of redeem christian Church of God. To the glory of God, am a worker and a minister in his vine yard. my area of usage is in prayer and youth ministering. God has been faithful.
    God is a revealer and has been revealing things to me through my dream. Tonight, through my dream, God told me that there is a specific number of days assigned to every individual to be celebrated. However, the enemy will do everything possible to overturn this.
    Sir, through the anointing of your ministry, I like to be connected to you so that I can be guided in my dream interpretation and prayer point.
    Thanks and I wish you God Blessing.

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