Breaking The Yoke Of Promise And Fail


Psalm 121:2, “My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.”


It is a situation in which a person has made a promised but fail to fulfil it.


1. It means a person does not have any interest to help you
2. It means you have been plagued under a curse
3. It means there is foundational problem
4. It means you have no means to fulfill your destiny.
5. It means satanic bondage

God had promised to help and deliver the children of Isrealite out of their trouble. In most cases, He used Moses to perform or fulfill His mission. God gaveth Moses wisdom, boldness to confront and challenge King Herod. It was the promise of God towards the children of Isrealite that makes Moses to take Isrealite out of Egypt. Did God not  fulfil His promise?

When God told Abraham, “get out of your father’s house and i will make of thee a great nation and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:(Gen 12:1-2). Did God not fulfill His promise in the life of Abraham. When our dear Jesus was at the marriage in the Cana and declare that He will turn water into wine. Did Jesus not fulfill His promise? When Jesus told Manshack, Shadrach and Abegnego that He will be with them in the thick of fire where the King Nebuchadnezzar threw at, Did Jesus not fulfill His promise?

It is only the Almighty God that can promise His children and fulfill them. Whatever God has promised to do for you, be rest assured that He will soon fullfill them in your life. But today, there is a problem. The problem is the concept of promise and fail syndrome.

So many are under the yoke of promise and fail. It is not because they offended someone, it is because the devil is currently working in that area. Some people now expect things from people or helper on the platform of promises only to discover they change their mind. For example, when a person promise to offer you monetary help but later told you that he doesnt have, it means the enemy is restricting him not to help you.



1. Bad luck
2. Financial setback
3. Non achievement
4. Sudden death
5. Profitless hard labour
6. Difficulty in fulfilling destiny
7. Poverty/Begging
8. Demotion
9. Error and mistake
10. Stagnancy
11. Frustration and confusion in life
12. Persistent lack
13. Evil foundation


1. Near success syndrome
2. Destiny wastage
3. Living below standard
4. Untimely death
5. Failure at the edge of breakthrough
6. Satanic diversion
7. Business failure
8. Inability to fulfill destiny
9. Disappointments
10. Disgrace
11. Oppression
12. anxiety and pain
13. Inability to focus on your goals
14. Marital failure
15. Separation/breakup
16. Joblessness
17. Lack of direction
18. Satanic blockage
19. Embargos


1 Bewitchment
2. Family curse
3. Wrong place of birth
4. Through polygamy spirit
5. Negative confession
6. Spirit of error and mistake
7. Disobedience and rebeliion
8. Wrong location
9. Pollution (work, house, in your relationship,)
10. Marine infiltration
11. Faulty foundation


1. Witchcraft powers
2. Domestic wickedness
3. Anti-glory powers
4. Anti-harvest powers
5.Arresting powers
6, Graveyard spirit
7. Unfriendly friend spirit
8. Marine spirit (through sexual dream etc)




1. Repent of all known sins that are giving the enemy a ladder int your life
2. Get to know Jesus. He saves from destruction (Ps 103:4, 107:20)
3. Invite the Lord into your battle
4. Engage in spiritual battle
5. Taking continuous fasting and prayers till the spirit of God ask you to stop
6. Barricade your life with the blood of Jesus.


1. Oh God, every power militating against the success of my life be totally rendered useless.
2. I refuse to spend my days on the land of promise without getting to the land of fulfillment.
3. Every spirit of promise and fail operating in my life, die, in Jesus name.
4. Every good promise that refuses to fulfill in my life, I speak to you, be fulfilled in the name of Jesus Christ.
5. Let my failure be consumed by fire in my life in Jesus name.
6. The spirit of success, enter and abide with me in Jesus name.
7. No more promise and fail in my life, in Jesus name.




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  1. That’s a good one…am still waiting for you to interpret my dream whereby I saw my sister had been blessed with twins;a boy and a girl yet she has a seven-month old baby at the moment

  2. I face promise and fail daily,my Godmum in USA promised sending me some money for business till now,i have contacted her several times but she keeps giving me stories,please remember me as well as jobs,I no Big people who can connect me but is either they ask for sex or refuse it instantly

  3. Pls I need serious prayer points on this spirit of promise and fail. Any time some one promise me something when is close to the date they have give me something bad will either happen to them or I see my self have sex in the dream with a girl or boy, later they have to change or cancel the promise.

    1. Bad luck
    2. Financial setback
    3. Non achievement
    5. Profitless hard labour
    6. Difficulty in fulfilling destiny
    7. Poverty/Begging
    8. Demotion
    9. Error and mistake
    10. Stagnancy
    11. Frustration and confusion in life
    12. Persistent lack
    13. Evil foundation.
    Sir man of God pray along with me. thank you!

    • Please sir am a follower of your for so long now..please pray for me..i have being having series of breakup in my relationship.. Help me pray for this one presently that the devil is also trying to destroyed.. Let it lead to marriage soon

  5. I need a prayer to release me from spirits they take my money that I got from work they promised me to make me ridge to give me everything so they take about 67000 rnd from me evil spirits. Now I cant get hold of the doctor they take my money from my kids can you please help me release my money from that spirits so that I can get my money back I’m stress and want to kill myself I really need a prayer

  6. I seriously need prayers against spirit of promise & fail. Nothing seems to be working. People promise to help yet they end up not helping.

  7. I want to get married.. I have being with a man for 5years plus and he is yet to marry me..please sir help me include me in your prayer for this marriage to come to past speedily..

  8. I need a job, i’ve try everything but same story everytime. Help me sir. God bless u. Enoch

  9. Greetings in the name of Jesus, Amen,
    Hello brethrens in Christ, i have a foundational problem which has affected my career development, financial blessing, connections and favours; also experiencing the spirit of error, complacency, sensation in my body, mid controlling spirit, procrastination and failure; also perpetual pains, sparse sexual sensation, weak sexual agility; also diversion and exchange of blessings- instead of me benefiting directly from my academic prowess or intellection but will exert every effort and energy to satisfy others at the expense of my development, and would be complacent and glad about it, not after a lapse of time would realize the time utilized for other interest. This has also made me not to be in permanent job. IN 2013, I resigned from my job , even when i was called but i refused to continue my contractual enagaement. This is a problem i am seeking divine intervention for
    Dura Rahaman Koroma

  10. I need prayers I broke up with my ex husband last year august and he wants to take away our son when he makes four Yeats in 2021 Feb.
    I was given a three weeks suspension at my place of work and its now two months but I have not been called back yet
    I have debts weighing me down n no money or source of income
    I am in a relationship with a man I love but he seems distant
    I need deliverance.

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