Biblical Meaning Of Crabs

Biblical Meaning Of Crabs

Biblical Meaning Of Crabs

Bible verse: Ephesians 6:11

Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

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Prayer: Every demonic crab assigned to grip my life and destiny, catch fire.

Crabs are creatures with ten legs. They can walk in all directions, but mostly walk and run sideways everywhere, some can walk forward or backward. Crabs live in ocean, fresh water and on land. They have a thick external skeleton. Did you dream about crab last night?  Crabs in your dream represent a ticklish spirit. They represent fear, threat, obstacles, attacks. Crabs could represent a person who is deceptive in nature. On the positive side, dreams about crab represent humility, patience, or resourcefulness. It shows you that you will have good luck, and that business project will be going smoothly. On the negative side, crabs in your dream represents a person who is sluggish in life.

Dream of a crab indicates that you are being stingy holding in to someone or something too tightly. The occult power uses crabs to protect themselves from deadly operations. Dream of crabs is a sign for you to distance yourself from people around you. If it bites you, it means you will be betrayed by someone. A crab is a person who is very crafty, but can lead you to the wrong path. The red crab symbolizes poverty, war spirit, slavery, wickedness. Dream about crabs moving indicates the need to get rid of some people trying to block your prayers. You have someone who is trying to trick you or mislead you, you need to flee away from him. Sometimes, a dream about crabs can represent someone trying to inflict pains on you and backstab you. Crabs could represent the devil who wants to arrest and poison you.

A dream about crabs could reveal your fears of someone or some situations you consider dangerous or risky. Crabs in your dream could represent a person or demon who wants to attack you in a ticklish way. If you dream of crabs attacking your path, it shows there are some negative spirits that is bringing bad luck on your way. If you are seeing crabs, if you are a business person, it means you will be tricked or duped in your dealings. If you dream of crab crossing your path, it warns you of a big danger or trouble lurking around. A crab in a shell means removing yourself from God’s protection.

The enemy wants to conspire against you and scatter your plans. If you dream of crabs moving fast, it is a sign that you are heading in the wrong way, that means you are not a straightforward person, you always go or do something that may not bring success to you. The bite of crab means attack from a marine world that will make things go difficult for you. You need to pray well if you are eating crabs in the dream, it indicates a period where you will be bewitched, or covenanted and sickness in the body. A dead crab in your dream, such dream means a plan or business is not growing and it is about to die.

A period of losing massive profit. If a crab is walking around the shrine, it is a signal that some people will initiate you into the marine world. This might make you go down in life. If the crab is coming out of water, it means a person assigned by the devil to weaken and cause pain in your life. If you dream of cooking crabs, it means you have the grace to succeed in life, but the enemy will fight against it. Cooking crabs means the problem will linger for a very long time.

If you dream of catching crabs, it means an arrest of ticklish people in your life. All their tactics have been exposed to you, so that means they will not succeed in their plans against you. Did you see crabs in your house, it indicates a severe trouble coming. Seeing a crab fighting a creature, it symbolizes the need to be equipped with the armor of God. If you are seeing many crabs, it represents evil conspiracy and conspiracy going on against you. Somewhere, you need to pray for God to scatter them. If crab is chasing you in the dream, it is a bad omen. It means someone will betray and deceive you. Perhaps, there is a spirit that has not given you freedom to succeed in your undertakings.

If you dream on stepping on the crab, it means the end of fake people in your life. It also means overcoming your fears or problems. If crabs are attacking, it is warning you of demons plans against your next move. Kindly destroy them because they want to attack you. If you dream of seeing crab on your bed, it means the enemy does not want you to be fruitful and introduce havoc.

If you dream of fishing for crabs, it means you will be prosperous but your success will attack fake people that wants to extract from you. If you are killing a crab, it means you want to know a lot of people that are causing obstacles to you, if crab pinch you, it means someone that may want to hurt your feelings and disappoint you. If crab is crawling on you in your dream, it is warning you to beware of false friends who wants to deal with you and make you cry. Dream about crab could be a warning not to engage in unclean activities. Crab could represent the spirit of cancer or a person with bitter and wrong attitude.


  1. Meditate and pray always
  2. Crush any obstacles on your way.
  3. Do not be distracted by people’s action


INSTRUCTIONS: Embark on three days 6am-6pm and pray against any obstacles on your way.



  1. Any power causing problems in my life, be wasted by fire.
  2. You spirit of deception, I bind and cast you out of my life.
  3. Father, if I am going the wrong direction, take me back.
  4. I refuse to trick people in my dealing.
  5. Any fake friends that want to hurt me, be frustrated in Jesus’ name.

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