Biblical Dream Intrpretation Of Blood Moon

Joel 2:30-31, ”And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.”

Revelation  6:12, ” And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

The symbol of blood moon is a clear sign from God that this world is gradually coming to an end. When the world is about closing its climax , one of the signs to observe is the blood moon. If this dream is becoming so frightened then it means the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. However, the appearance of blood moon being sighted in some countries means the complexity of wickedness and demonic powers being practiced there.

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The spiritual meaning of blood moon  represent fear and anxiety. To see a full moon means the heaven has declared its glory upon you. The sighted of the thick blood moon can also ported the anger of God. Alternatively, if you see blood moon moving along the surface, it means there is going to be severe disaster, danger and destruction.

To dream that the moon is separated into two parts indicates that secret things has been revealed to you. It also means that you will expand your dreams, your profits will increase, it also stand as an indication that the battle has been won. If you see the integration of the moon in your dream, it means that your light to shine forth and you will have a happy marriage.

Blood moon is a term that’s often used for lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse happens because the earth is directly between the moon and sun. The only people that can see the lunar eclipse are those on the night side of the earth.

If you dream that the moon is at the same place may represent that you will get divine support by means of your physical efforts to achieve your destiny.  If you see that blood moon is following you in dreams, it means there are demons that have attached themselves to you.

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  1. Last night I had a dream of a huge irredescent but colorful moon. Soon the colors became more bright and the moon had an almost tye dye or splattered effect. It moved back and fourth to two places in the sky. As it became bigger, there were multiple colored dots, as if marking places on a map. It sort of disappears after that and I remember trying to find it again but soon woke up. After waking, my heart was racing and I was having a lot of anxious thoughts. I’ve never gone online to look up a dream but it was so impactful that I just had to.

  2. dis early mornin while i was batin aside in my dream bcos every was dark nd a ceremony was goin on.moon shine on me.

  3. Hello Evangelist, i pray that you are doing well In the lord, I am blessed of His grace and am grateful, i would wish and hope of you to help me with interpretation of a dream where i saw 3 moons and one of it was half a moon

  4. hello sir I saw my self in a wedding gown,all my family members were there I came out my uncle wife was was asking me to pay her that Im owning her I told her I’m not, I saw a moon shining towards me I fly to the moon and point a finger and curse the woman

  5. I just dreamed about a bloody moon in a dark sky. I dreamed that I was in a room and it was night with someone else and someone was calling me some kind of ugly creature but I refused to answer. I seen someone outside standing a hooded dark person and walked outside of the house, then the same person began throwing a lighter at me trying to burn me but I thought of God and I blew air on it so it wouldn’t spread fire. Then I started fighting with the same person and I remembered him saying, “this is a game” and I told him that it was not a game so we fought and then I seen the moon turn slowly into blood flowing and filling halfway on the moon. This is where I fought with several men outside (I am a woman) and I wasnt afraid to beat them up because if I refused to not fight I would be beaten up or killed in my dream. But then the sun came up and I seen people outside men and woman and they had knifes ready to fight but I told them put your knives down and they did (I sensed they had some kind of connection with the men I had fought). I then walked in the house and I was hurt from a leg and one man that was standing outside came in and started to clean my wound. I then said, “if I told you who my God was would you believe me?” And he nodded and kept staring at me. The house they lived in was a drug house where they sold marijuana and other types of drugs I know this because guys would come by to buy it. And then more fights beginned when they weren’t satisfied and I fought against those buyers. I feel that it wasnt a holy dream, God is holy and so I know that means that I must be holy. But that dream was not holy or peaceful. I would like to know what does it mean?

  6. hello, so this happen a couple of days ago, i had a dream of a blood moon and lunar eclipse in the same dream, im confused on what it means. can you explain this to me ? please and thank you!

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