10 Steps To Full Deliverance
10 Steps To Full Deliverance



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Friends, Calvary greetings to you in the Name of Jesus Christ. Once again, I am here with a very insightful and revealing teaching on deliverance, which I believe is a major challenge in the lives of many people today all over the world! I have done a lot of research on this, and I want to share with you on how you can experience full deliverance and remain delivered all the days of your life, till Christ comes!

The rate at which many people including so many Christians are being taken captive by the devil today is worrisome, lamentable and pathetic! This captivity and lack of full deliverance is as a result of lack of true information and teaching on this issue. You see, IGNORANCE is not only a disease, it kills both physically and spiritually!

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The Bible says if you know these things, happy are you if you do them. John 13:17. Now what are the Steps you need to take to experience full deliverance and stay FREE from demonic possession till Christ comes?

1. GENUINE REPENTANCE FROM SINS! The First step you need to take to experience a full and lasting deliverance from demonic attacks and captivity is to genuinely repent and surrender your life to Christ! Repentance is the key to salvation. There is no grace without salvation. The Bible passed a question, should we continue in sin that grace may abound, God forbid. If you want God to forgive your sin, you must be able to confess your sins. The ability to be conscious of sin gives you power over the power of darkness. Whether you believe it or not, sin breeds darkness. And when your life is surrounded by darkness, divine covering will expire. When God wants to work with someone, He make sure the person is not a friend to sin. No matter how difficult or big is the sin, the power of His resurrection can destroy them.  Acts 3:19, ”Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord;”


2. HOLY LIVING! The second Step is to start living a holy life. The Bible says without holiness no one will see the Lord! Heb 12:14. That is, if you are not living a holy life, even though you said you are born again, you cannot seek the face of God for True and Full deliverance. Note, True Holiness of life is the antidote to demonic possession and attacks! Therefore if you are expecting full deliverance, you need to separate yourself from the world as the Bible has said. 2Cor 6:14-18. This is a very vital issue. As a Christian, your life should be different from the way they live in the world! Being holy gives God the access to work with you. Let no one deceive you that it is impossible to live in the path of holiness in a world obsessed with sin.

3. VIOLENT & FIRE PRAYERS! This is another vital step. It is said that from the time of John the Baptist till now the kingdom of heaven is suffering Violence and VIOLENT take it by force! Mt 11:12. Anyone seeking for full deliverance from the powers of darkness must be ready to be forceful and violent in prayers! Note, demons are not ready to release their victims in a gentle or romantic manner except by spiritual force through fire prayers. Check it in Mk 5:1-15. Note, demons don’t listen or bow to weak prayers except through fire and violent prayers. When a demon was trying to stop Paul from preaching to a Deputy, he violently released fire against the demon after which he was able to present the gospel to the Deputy. Acts 13:6-12. This is an example of fire /violent prayers.

4. REGULAR MIDNIGHT PRAYER WARFARE! For you to be fully delivered and always remain free from demonic captivity, you must not fail to engage yourself in regular midnight prayers. Lam 2:19, has given us hints on this. Most stubborn demonic attacks are planned in the midnight and carried out in the day time. That is why those who can wake up in the midnight and pray regularly have less problems with demonic attacks and possession.

5. GO TO ANOINTED MEN OF GOD FOR COUNSELING & DELIVERANCE MINISTRATION! This is a vital issue. There are some deliverance problems you cannot handle alone. You need the assistance of some true men of God to counsel you and conduct deliverance on you. In the Early Church, people were going to the Apostles for healing and deliverance, bringing their sick folks to the men of God for healing and deliverance! Acts 5:12-16. In this way you can receive your full deliverance and Stay free from evil powers!

6. CHECK YOUR FOUNDATION! For you to experience full and lasting deliverance you must not fail to check your FOUNDATION and pray seriously against it. Some of the stubborn problems people are battling with today are from their foundation. The Bible says if the foundation is destroyed what can the righteous do? Ps 11:3. The answer to this question is, the righteous should call upon the Name of the Lord and address his or her foundation! Note, Foundational problems are a terrible one. These problems were caused by our Ancestors for many centuries ago, which nobody knows how to address it.

7. TAKE YOUR DREAMS SERIOUSLY! For you to experience full and lasting deliverance you must not joke with what you are seeing in your dreams. Most serious spiritual battles begin in the dream land! That is why people who can understand what they are seeing in the dreams and squarely address it, will always have victory in the physical life! Always remember to address negative dreams!

8. REMOVE ALL THE SATANIC PROPERTIES FROM YOUR BODY AND YOUR ROOM! This is a very vital matter. Many people, especially Christians, are seeking for a lasting deliverance and they are still hanging all these demonic items on their bodies. These include Jewelries, earrings, chains, wrist rubber band, bangles, etc. Some Christians are still hanging some Pictures of half naked women in their rooms or in their album. Note, anything that doesn’t glorify God that is on your body or in your room can hinder your final deliverance! The Bible says “…… Touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you” 2Cor 6:17b. Many Christians are still patronizing satanic properties and they are looking for great deliverance. It is IMPOSSIBLE! Some Christians are still playing worldly music, attend worldly parties to dance to the glory of Satan, watch worldly films, buy cartoon for their children and think that they are still worshipping the living God! You will miss the Rapture before your eyes will be clear. Be careful.

9. FOR CHRISTIAN WOMEN, LET YOUR HAIRDOS BE NATURAL! As long as you carry attachment on your head,(whether shining thread or wool) or you have changed your hair colour from natural to unnatural by the use of shampoo or any chemical and you refuse to shave it off, you can NEVER experience full deliverance. If you like go to any highly anointed man of God to pray for you and pour anointing oil on you, You can Never be delivered. This is the rugged Truth you must know as you are seeking for deliverance. The reason is that, the hand of Satan, the Queen of the Coast, is FULLY upon you, and so True deliverance cannot take place in your life except you forsake these things! The Bible says God’s hand is not short nor His ears heavy that He cannot hear your prayers and deliver you. It is your iniquity (sins) that has separated you from God! Isa 59:1-3. Therefore, if you can do away with these things, you will quickly experience your full deliverance. Hallelujah!!

10. BE CLOSER TO GOD ALWAYS! The Bible says when you draw nearer to God, God will also draw nearer to you. James 4:8. The moment you are closer to God in holiness and righteousness, the devil will not be able to succeed in your life! But as long as you are far from God, your Maker, you will be very close to Satan and his cohort to demonize, harass and attack you and your family! Therefore, the final advice I will give to everyone here is, once you are delivered, for you to stay free from further demonic possession, you must stay close to God by worshipping in a living Church, obeying God’s word from A – Z! This is the only way you can enjoy yourself on this earth and make it to heaven at last. Jesus told the woman that was graciously forgiven and delivered from adultery to “go and sin no more” Well,

Congratulations for reading this article. Remain blessed and rapturable in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen and Amen!!

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    • There is nothing too okay about the negative power of masturbation it can cause to a person. This is an art of a sinful practice. The Bible says, sin is an abomination unto God and whenever a Christian fails to acknowledge an act is a sin, he or she will begin to drain out spiritually and physically neglected by God. You cannot enjoy what God has not commanded you to do. Your organ is majorly meant for marriage – fruitfulness purpose and not to entice yourself because you have no boyfriend. Masturbation is a good ball that lead sinners into the gateway of death and hell. Repent and cling to salvation. Read 2 Cor 6:2

  2. God bless sir, please I had a dream where someone gave me something and said if anybody comes and wants to attack me I should tell them I belong to the white court and they will live me.so in different dream some people came and wanted to attack so I told them I belong I belong to white court they ran away and some other people came again I said say thing and they told me they tool belong to the white court and they stay with me , but later another set of people came again with fear I told them I belong to the white Court but I was running as I was telling them thinking they will kill me that how I woke up.since than have been confused I want to kw the meaning sir

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  4. 10 steps to full Deliverance.wow thats the gospel i know. that was so power..his is still the same God he has never changed he has to be served even in these end times without compromising his word. May the Lord in heaven bless this website and the man of God together with his ministry.

  5. Good day sir, I had a dream three consecutive time same dream . In that dream someone try to steal my wallet the first day and I collected it back and dealt with them very well, the next day I had same dream this time I was carry a bag of rice out of my street then I called a bike man who carried me but on the road we meet the custom they started chasing us on the process of running with the bag of rice something lifted me up from the ground n I was on air till I got to a place I hide my self from them .the third day dream I board a keke to take me home on the process he took me to a different location where I saw men with guns who want to rob me but on the process I brought out a knife from my pocket and asked the man to reverse back to my destination,which he did. Sir please I need explanation to this .

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