10 Most Dangerous Animals In The Dream That Would Mess Up Your Life

10 most dangerous animals in the dream

10 Most Dangerous Animals In The Dream That Would Mess Up Your Life

Animal research can benefit humans a lot. Studying the behaviour of some animals attacking you in the dream can be a very wise thing to do and as such, Christian should take their time to study the purpose why the theme keep recurring.

In every dream, there must be a good or bad side. There are some dangerous animals that have been messing up people in their dreams. Some are small, but they could be very poisonous.

Animals are our companions, our workers, our food. They appear to beautify the world. From Adamic nature, man have domesticated some friendly animals, while others remain wild.

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The most dangerous animals in the dream is not necessary the most powerful animals in the physical realm. Galatians 5:25, If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

These are the following most destructive animals in the spiritual realm as being shown to me by the Almighty God. These includes: Snail, Snake, Dog, Rat, Spider, Bird, Ants, Cow, Goat, Lizard.


Take these animal dream prayers.

  • Every marine animal extending the season of my marital breakthrough, you are a liar, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
  • O Lord, if I am moving behind or ahead of my destiny, correct me by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  • Whoever is using animals to scatter my destiny, be arrested by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  • Every spiritual animal pursuing me from my mother’s side, die, in name of Jesus.
  • Destiny vulture, vomit my breakthroughs, in the name of Jesus.
  • Every project that I embarked upon, I shall complete by the grace of the Almighty, in the name of Jesus.

10 most dangerous animals in the dream

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Devil may not like it for you to have stumbled upon this great site by chance or by the leading of the Holy Spirit. But I am very sure today will be the end of all dream attacks affecting your life, in the name of Jesus. (Join me on my YouTube today and you will be glad you did). I love you all for sharing …. 


     1. SNAIL DREAM – The most dangerous animal in the dream


How much do you know about the snail and its negative impact? There is barely anyone who has never experienced snail dreams.  Snail is a slow moving animal. It takes extra time for snails gets to its destination. As small as it is on the ground, it is very dangerous. And the spiritual symbol of a snail is connected to stagnancy and setbacks.

Snail dream has sent so many people into the valley of rejection, limitation, procrastination etc. The snail is commonly used for witchcraft purposes. Snail in the dream is a reflection of ancestral battles and unfulfilled dreams.

For example, when a person come across snails in the spirit realm, there would be a recurring curses that are working the person;s destiny. And whatever is the expectation of the person will be cut short by demonic powers.

snail, the most dangerous or common animal in the dream

Why snails are dangerous animal to see in the dream?

Snail dream could be sending a warning to flee from certain people who are too sluggish to work on their destiny fulfillment. Once they cross your path in the dream they transmit the curse of hard labour, wasted opportunities. This dream can have physical and spiritual effects on your life and destiny.

This is when divine helpers became very scare. An avenue where friends and family members begin to avoid you like a plague, simply because nothing good is happening in your life.

If the snail was crawling all over your body can indicate that you are going to experience marital and child bearing problems. However, if  the snails are moving on their own, this means you will make it in life but you have to be very patient, then this means the battle can be decreased if you never give up. When snails are crawling on their own, it show you are slow but steady progress towards a goal.

Eating snail is an indication of suffering from family inherited problem that has reduced your life to mockery.  It can also mean that you are facing difficulties and stubborn attack and the fact that the snail dream can indicate that you are staying too long in one spot.

On the other hand, if you are picking snails in the dream this is usually a bad sign of foundation affliction. This is a dream attack of long term affliction and bondage of the father’s house or mother’s house upon a person.

Furthermore, if you see plenty of snails in your dream, it represents no positive improvement in your life, marriage, ministry etc. However, the high number of snails could set you up for failure, possibly even putting your health at risk. It is an indication of an ending battles. May your battles ends in praise today, in the name of Jesus.

However, it must be known that picking snails off the dream shows that witchcraft are plotting against you. Are you a single person? Then the frequent dreams of picking snail can indicates that you may experience difficulties in getting married.

If you are married person, it can mean you that there will be drawback in your marriage, finance, career. A situation where things will be standstill. Unprofitable works and weakness can be the result of picking snails in the dream.

Your inability to experience growth, progress and breakthrough is a reflection that you are spiritually caged. On the dream about snail dead. Every animal that died in the dream has a strong spiritual meaning.

Perhaps you are a good Christian but you suddenly notice that your true service to God is not being reflected in your life. In all indications, it is a quick sign of misfortune, tragedy or attack troubling you or a close person to you.

It’s possible that you are picking a signal that something good is about to terminate in your hands. Or a person is at the verge of death.  When snail dies in your dream could also be a warning that something is unsafe around you or there is danger to come. Investigate this situation with prayer of inquiry.


If these dreams are recurring, take your time to ask yourself what is going on in your life that you may need to address urgently. Upon prayer and fasting, you might just discover the cause of obstacle, or sorrow surrounding your life.

Understand that snail dream is connected to your hands, head, legs. If you always discover failure in everything you touch, disappointments in your expectation, memory loss whenever good ideas are coming, please know that anti-progress are after you and your destiny.

This simply mean there is a strong force that facilitates this dreams, and if you didn’t challenged or destroyed their demonic manipulations , it could make a mess of your glorious destinies.

If you are highly famous or wealthy person, dreaming about snails frequently indicates the plans of the enemy to bring you down and to jeopardize your wealth and investments. If you are not getting dividends of your rewards – consider how you feel about people working for you in your waking life.

Do you often see snail without shell? Then this mean a number of negative symbols. Spiritually, you are no longer safe or protected. It symbolizes public shame and disgrace. But you must make efforts to scatter the expectation of the wicked concerning you.

However, dreaming about snails can be triggered by a certain people who doesn’t want you to experience resounding freedom. In your waking life, you may feel that your house, people, or even the food you ate recently might be used as a device to withdraw your determination to succeed or prosper. If you dream about snail can actually assist you in working on your destiny.

The Bible says, redeeming the time for the days are evil (Eph 5:16). In other dreams, if you always packing or gathering snails in a bowl etc, this can indicate blessings in your career. Please concentrate and never allow discouragement to steal your future!


      2. SNAKE DREAM – The most dangerous animal in the dream

Ecclesiastes 10:8
“He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him.


In the Bible, snake has never have a good background at all. You are absolutely correct if you call snake as serpent. The serpent is a spirit of darkness. Snake is a dangerous animal in the dream, because their agenda are to kill, destroy and deceive a man.

In some cultures, snakes are worship and have been used as a pet. In fact, in some places I have visited in Nigeria, if you kill a snake, something mysterious would happen to you. Is that not enough to tell you that the presence of snake is a symbol of marine witchcraft?

Look at those that comes to deliverance service in great number: If you are a good observant, you will agree with me that the rate at which these people are arrested by serpentile spirit is much. The pain, however, is that most churches are not looking into this direction. This is a serious matter.

The Bible says, God has given us power to trend upon serpent and scorpions. When snake appears in your dream, it is likely that water spirit are trying to possess you for a long time.


Snakes featured in your dreams often leaves a negative impression. This type of dream tends to invite devil into your life. If you have a fear of snakes and you see one in your dream, it indicate you are scared of a certain people. Perhaps you need to be afraid of this person as they may be out to hurt you.

It may be wise not to trust them. Since this creature is usually crafty, its presence in your dream should be considered as a way of a faulty foundation. Having close contact with a snake, for example looking at it closely or touching it, tells you that you are dealing with a marine strongman that has brought resistance to good things, and prevented you from fulfilling divine purpose for your life.

On a clear term, when you experience dream about snake, it is a signal that you are surrounded by enemies and this gives an impression that whatever your plans are being blocked by the forces of witchcraft.

Are you planning to marry? Then symbolizes the feeling like the marital journey will be barricaded, hindered, scattered. It is also important to know what powers that are actually making it hard for to obtain victory, favour and power.

You may be faced with some kind of opposition or a threat while you are revealing your information with this person. It might be better to take some kind of precaution when you are asking for people’s counsel in life. If in your dream, you manage to kill snake surrounding you, it means your troubles, worries, fear will soon be over and you would emerge victoriously.SNAKE, the most dangerous or common animal in the dream

For example, When the snake appears in your dream leaves you with a negative feeling, make sure you consider going for deliverance. That negative feeling may be interpreted as attack coming.

Research shows that people with the attack of the snake in their dreams have the ability not to live happily. If you are on a mission for a project, and you dream where snake bite you to the point that you felt it in your waking life, it indicates that project will be cancelled, or your efforts or ideas will not yield any profit.

In this case, however, this type of dream shows that a set of people around you never wanted you to record success, and this could be a sign that you always experience tough challenges in making an headway, and as such, you need to choose your friends well.

Snake bite is linked to poison, unwanted material. If you see a snake bit you then it signifies that the host of marine witchcraft has stolen something from you and deposited strange material into your body. This is a case where most people often experience moving objects in their body.

On the other hand, if you see snake fall upon you, it means witchcraft powers are after you, and can indicates that an evil spirit has penetrated your life.  It is time to stand up and face squarely these powers standing as a Goliath to your life.

The serpent are very crafty and this is one of the signs that you will no longer have power and authority to bind and cast them out. Snake bite is also symbol of unclean spirit. Alternatively, the snake may symbolize temptation, evil monitoring agent. Do you see yourself holding a snake in the dream? Dream of holding a snake is a symbol of victory over fear of death, and hell . By holding a snake spiritually, it indicates your defeat against the works of darkness.

More specifically, to see a snake cuddling your body means that you are under the control of serpent and scorpion . If you are married woman, this means that this spirit will use you against your husband’s financial progress.

But if you are not married and you see snake either crawling your body, swallowing you, or you then this can represent that your hopes of getting will be difficult.

When God truly reveal the spirit behind this snake or serpent, you will be so surprised that the multi demons that are influencing the marine covenant against you. The snake may also refer to a person, partner, or family relatives around you can’t be trusted.

Dream about snake eating eggs indicates loss of life or misfortune. There is a blessing which has been stolen from you. When snake eats eggs, it shows a person is in spiritual imprisonment.

If you dream where you are being chased by snake it portend some financial hardship or discord among family members which negatively affects the peace of the household. This type of dream could also be an indication of idolatry powers linked with the destiny of the dreamer.

If snake in your dream was big and through it you were attacked, this means you need to be careful in your workplace and look out for potential threats. In some case, it may also reveals to you that a strongman is in root restricting people from achieving their desires.

Someone might try to sabotage you or something you have been working hard on. This dream indicates you are in great danger. Many snakes in the dream symbolizes false belief, false worship, evil cultures and mostly includes double troubles.

To see yourself being attacked by a snake or more of them, this means you have many enemies that are out to get you. These people want to see you down and not successful in any way. You are going to be in harm. These people envy you and they want to see you fail in your attempts which can be really dangerous if you let them get too close to you and get away with your potentials.

Perhaps you marry a person heavily possessed marine witchcraft. There is no doubt that such a person will be a problem to your life and destiny. In all, please pray against foundation and idolatry powers of your father’s house. It is also advisable to deal with this dream with fasting (Isa 58:6).


3.  DOG DREAM – The most dangerous animal in the dream

Matthew 15:26
“But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs.”

Revelation 22:15
“For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.”


Dog is a dangerous animal in the dream that belongs to the class of marine demons. The Bible refers to homosexuals and lesbians as dogs. Generally, in the spirit world, dogs symbolize sexual perversion. So, if you see yourself being pursued in the spirit by a dog, check your sexual life. It means that something must be wrong somewhere, whether in your heart or your activities.

Psalm 22:16 says, “For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet.” The spirit of dog is seriously in operation in marriages. However, the spiritual dog is the weapon of the enemy to hinder deliverance from spirit spouse.

The appearance of dog in your dream is dangerous it can steal, kill and to destroy. Have you ever seen a person having the spirit of dog? This is true especially a woman that is tormented by marine witchcraft.

A dream about a dog is symbol that a person’s destiny has been sold out to the devil. If you usually come across dogs in your dream, you have to check your spiritual life. For example, when you are possessed by the spirit of dog, you will find it difficult to get a good suitor.

If you dream you came across a hostile dog barking at you , then it is a warning that your life is controlled by curses. It means you are about to experience prayerlessness, low level anointing etc. If you are a man and you see dogs in your dream, it indicates that the marine demon will pollute the works of your hands. On the other hand, if you are a woman, it is an indication that you have a seductive spirit that is attracting problems to you.


To dream of being frightened by a big dog is a sign of oppression and serpentile spirit assigned against you. If this is recurring, then it means you are nursing fear of taking risk, decision or action. A black dog represent dark spirit. If you see it in your dream, it symbolizes ignorance, false belief or taking the wrong decision.

Maybe you see two dogs having sex together is an indication of sexual perversion. Are you seeking for God for intervention on who to marry? If this dream happens when you are in a relationship, it may be an indication that this person has a property of marine spirit.  If it happens you have already with him or her, then it shows that you are in marine bondage.It could be that your finances are draining.

Every display of the dog has several spiritual meanings. If you see an aggressive dog in your dream, consider that the dreamer has the spirit of anger and bitterness that is holding him or her back.  Perhaps as a woman you have a man who is in his resolved to marry you, but all of a sudden he withdrew from it because of your anger.

This type of dream means that your enemies are using your weakness to hinder your goodness. When such aggressiveness is much on the dog, it therefore means that multiple spirit of the marine are actually troubling your destiny.

There is nothing you can do to stop them from ruining your plans, however, it is possible to you go to a deliverance church where this case can be handled by an anointed man of God.

DOG DREAM - The most dangerous animal in the dream

Generally, seeing dogs having sex together is a reflection of pollution. If your relationship has tasted sin, then this dream shows that relationship is likely not to end in marriage. It is possible that the person you are dating or in love with doesn’t love you wholeheartedly but betrayed you.

It can also indicate a sense of disloyalty . If you have actually seen dog licking your body, or reproductive organ, it means you won’t be fertile or productive/efficient in your marriage or in whatever you do.

Psalm 22:20 says, “Deliver my soul from the sword; my darling from the power of the dog.” When you dream that you are feeding a dog, it can mean that you are giving the enemy the access to attack you.

It can also mean that your enemy is making it easy for you to focus on your attention on the wrong things. In some cases, the dog in your dream might not be an ordinary dogs attacking you, but a polluted or unclean spirit.

Seeing any kind of dog colours in your dream might be terrible to your Christian growth and development. The spiritual meaning of dog might be telling you that your case requires deliverance from water and marine spirit.

If case is not quickly taken, these evil spirits might attack your faith, home, business, finance or dedicate you to familiar powers.  A dog attacking you, chasing you, having sex with you, barking at you, they are never good symbols and you should be very concerned when it occur.

When investigating dogs present in your dreams, it is important to recall as many aspects of the dream as possible. It is also important to observe your feeling about the dream. Here are some things to keep in mind as you consider this dangerous dog animal: Is the dog wild or tame?

Has the dog been neglected or healthy? What is the environment that the dog is living in? Do you interact with the dog or do you see it from a distance? Where does the dog come from? Is the dog witch? Is the animal scary or scared?

If you dream of encountering a dog fighting each other, then it is a good sign. It means the disagreement of your enemies concerning your case will lead to your freedom.  For two dogs to fight others in the spirit realm, it clearly states that the flesh and lust are fighting against themselves.

If this is the case that you are having a lustful feelings for the opposite sex, you will soon realize you will overcome the spirit tormenting you, and no wonder the Bible says, Galatians 5:16-17, I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary to one another, so that you do not do the things that you wish.


4. RAT DREAM – The most dangerous animal in the dream

Isaiah 66:17,
They that sanctify themselves, and purify themselves in the gardens behind one tree in the midst, eating swine’s flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together, saith the Lord.


There are not a lot of references to rats or mice in the Bible. The first is Leviticus 11: 29, Leviticus 11:29, These also shall be unclean unto you among the creeping things that creep upon the earth; the weasel, and the mouse, and the tortoise after his kind,. While rat is a dangerous animal dream because it represent an unclean spirit. Rats are always seen in a dirty house environment. An unclean environment is easily attracted to rats.

Some people naturally dislike rat because its very disgusting to them. In dream, if you see rats represent a sinful lifestyle. Dream of seeing many rats around you signifies that your environment is becoming a threat to the fulfillment of your destiny, particularly in your house where there are low level of successful people.  Dreaming about rat is symbolic meaning of loss and misfortunes. Since rats are bad symbols, it is therefore important to deal with devourer. This may also mean that you are unable to see the results of your investments or hard work. Rats in dreams also represent a monitoring spirit.

Perhaps you always notice debts compilations at the edge of success. However, you must know that if you don’t deal with the rats dream on time, it may represent long term struggles. If you feel like you need to change to become a better person, do so by breaking the curse of sluggishness placed upon your life.

A dream where rat is attacking you in your dream is a warning that there may be unwanted people who will surround you and these people might become your enemies. It could require a lot of effort and energy to shake these people off your back.



In some cases, disturbing dreams about rat can be an introduction of backwardness and retrogression. If you are on the verge of giving up as a result of depression,  This means the pattern in your familyline is actually dealing with you. If the rat bite  you in the dream, it may be a warning that your virtues have been stolen. When you keep something and rat goes there and take it away, it usually represent an instance of profitless hard work.

You may begin to wonder why there is no reward, profit in your career. If you usually scared of rat in your waking life, dreaming about stepping on your toes could indicate a stumbling block, and inability to gain peace of mind.

On the other hand, this  dream can generally means an agent of witchcraft  aggressively fighting against your divine dreams.  Perhaps you notice readiness to accomplish a project, one bad news in the family shattered your dream to pieces.

To see rats in your home is a sign that your home is an haven of witchcraft activity. In the spirit realm, to put it in a clear term, rats represent an enemy, a human. To see rats playing around your house, this is revealing to you that the spirit of struggling, and hardship will dominate your life through your house. This is more important you take an anointing oil to spread around your house in order to scatter the evil effects of rat presents in your house.

When a pregnant woman is seeing rats in the dream, it is very possible that such a woman may deliver in pain or the pregnancy may not experience successful delivery. These are some of the agenda of the devil in rat dream.  If you see a lot of rats in your home in a dream, it indicates a robbery.

This indicates someone is trying to steal your ideas, your money, your wealth, your marriage etc. Make sure you identify the person in your waking life. Sometimes, rats may be showing up in your dream because the enemy is cause a conflict between you and important people.

If you saw rats eating your food in the dream, such a dream is not a good sign, and might be revealing that you are likely to contact sickness that may consume your finances. You should deal with them as soon as possible, because the matters can only get worse and cause you a lot of problems and distress in life.

If rats stole your money, or tear your document or if you saw one recently, your dream may tell you that you are about to experience huge setback. Rat dreams can also suggest the aspects of ourselves that we don’t like. If you see a dirty rats in your dream, this can represent sickness, poverty and repeated persistent problems. All in all, dream about rat is spiritually bad and its effects can cause to end with shame and disgrace.


5. SPIDER DREAM – The most dangerous animal in the dream

Isaiah 59:5
“They hatch cockatrice’ eggs, and weave the spider’s web: he that eateth of their eggs dieth, and that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper.”

Job 8:14
“Whose hope shall be cut off, and whose trust shall be a spider’s web.”

Spider is a dangerous animal in the dream.

Dreams about spider is not a common dream activity. In Bible, however, it means a net as it represents the cunning tricks of the devil to hold  person captive. Dreaming about a spider indicates the witchcraft imprisonment and manipulation.  It means that you will not be successful in solving a complicated situation.

If you are a man, the dream of walking into spider web clearly indicates the spirit of death and demotion. If you are a woman, the dream of spider indicates there is a person that is using the spirit of witchcraft to manipulate you seriously. On the other hand, if you dream about a spider spinning the web means the enemy is laying a trap for you. The trap could be death, sickness, poverty, struggle, sorrow, and other negative symptoms.

The webs of a spider have the ability to trap insects and making it very hard for them to move and thereby lead to their death. If in your dream you were trapped by spider web, this could be a spiritual blockage, stagnancy and a transmission of memory loss. If you are a student, or a career person, dreaming about walking into spider webs can symbolize the beginning of failure and drawback to your efforts or career development. Alternatively, spider dream attack can be a sign of difficulty, embarrassment or setbacks that have been in your life for a long time.

Otherwise, if you find it difficult to get rid or eliminate the web from your life, it indicates domestic witchcraft has actually gain power and authority over you. This sign gives them the ability to pollute you and scatter your plans. Depending on your emotion, if you woke up unsettled in your spirit, it could be telling you the end of a blessing, miracle, happiness. On the other hand, it can be mean you are being manipulated by close-by enemy.

Dreaming of a spider attacking you is an indication that someone in your life is using you to achieve their goals. This means that such person has been taking advantage of you and his planning to see you fall and die a natural death. In some cases, dreams about spider could be telling you that there will be financial problems, profitless hard labour, confiscated properties etc. Perhaps you are on your way to do one thing or the other, so dreaming of a spider running away from you, it shows that whatever evil is being planned against you has back fire.

To the right thinking person reading this, its true that dirty environment can introduce the presence of spider, but in some cases, spider can also be seen in a clean place. Perhaps you often walk into spider web through your head, legs. Then that means you will not be rewarded for your hard work done for others.  It is even more worrisome if you dream where someone removed cobweb from your body.


Spiders are often connected to the network of household witchcraft. This type of dream can also represent your inability to escape satanic bondage, particularly if the spider was pursuing you or the seen the spider is seen blocking your vision, movement.  If you see a spider building its web in your dream, this shows that you are going to make it in life – that will enable opportunities to pass you by.

If the dream of seeing cobweb is recurring then it indicates the effect of evil covenant in your family line is operating in your life .  When you woke up feeling disorganized by this dream, this type of dream shows that curses and difficulties have been attached to your life and destiny. This dream is true, perhaps you noticed nothing is working well for you as before. On a more serious note, the dream of a spider means the problem in your father’s house or mother’s house is flowing towards you. Maybe you are concerned about your inability to finish up a thing.

However, if the spider is scattered around where you live, then it is a signal that there is witchcraft activity fully in operation in that house. Maybe you are staying in a house where progress, prosperity or freedom is absent.  In this scenario, you can expect to be disappointed in the ways things are going. If the spider that appears in your dream is following you anywhere you go, this means extreme embargo on your good news.

The appearance of spider cobweb in your dream signifies the point that you are probably in a place where the blessing of God cannot reach you. Please know the place could be house etc. After experiencing this dream, start to observe your life critically if you are actually fulfilling God’s plan in this environment. This kind of dream may sometimes indicate forthcoming problems in your current relationship, finances, marriage, business, ministry.

If you dream about a spider, there is a chance of long term affliction and setback. It could be a sign that a person either in your family, or among your friends is waging spiritual warfare against you. Seeing spider attacking you , symbolizes your case is being deposited with evil priest for manipulation. Are you expecting something good? Then this is the time to pray for the manifestation of your expectation to come to pass.

Maybe spider appears in a dream without warning indicates fear, threat and demotion.  Try to find out those people that are envying your life and possession.  If you dream about a spider crawling on your body, it portends there is no protection, and can also indicates the enemy is sowing tares into your life. There are lots of different types of attacks which may make you dream of seeing spiders. You  might dream about spider because your enemy has concluded your case already that some particular evil symptoms will manifest.

However, If you are not frightened when dreaming about a spider, it can be interpreted that no weapon of the enemy assigned against you shall prosper. So dreaming about spiders might be a way of addressing your foundation.  On the other hand, killing a spider or spiders in a dream is believed to be a dream of victory over family captivity and its evil inheritance. This is true especially if you are dreaming about spiders regularly.

Spider dream can represent a number of meanings to the dreamer. Perhaps you are planning to marry the woman or about to say yes to his prosper, in this case, dream about spider around you could be a bad signal. If you are a person who is very sensitive in the spirit, you will discover that you are getting married to a wrong person.

And if you go ahead and marry such person, you are likely to experience continuous oppression, humiliation and pains. If you fail to address this dream with prayers or by going for deliverance, These  symptoms would impact you in a negative way and might leave you sad, devastated and disappointed. May that not be your portion in Jesus name.

Dreaming about spider has a very negative impact on one destiny and hardly does the dreamer wake up smiling. The best approach to deal with this dream especially if it is recurring at the edge of your breakthrough, its by going for deliverance to terminate the stronghold of the wicked upon your life. When you meet an anointed man of God that will take over your case, gradually, but gradually, your deliverance will be opening doors for you. Above all, be prayerful, be vigilant and be wise.


6. BIRD DREAM – The most dangerous animal in the dream

Romans 1:23 
And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

Are you a lover of bird? Do you keep bird as pet? Have you ever been scared of bird such as vulture, own etc? Do you think bird dream has spiritual meaning? How have you able to deal with dreams involving birds?  This is Evangelist Joshua, sit back and learn why some birds are very dangerous animal to encounter in the dream.

The dream about bird may not connote any problem when the presence of the bird is not scaring to you. Although, it has been known that demonic forces are now controlling animals especially bird. However, the spiritual meaning of bird is not always positive.

Not all birds are the same in nature as their interpretation always differs. Bird meanings are often used as Christian symbols, and their appearance in dreams could be friendly or unpleasant. The dove, for example, is often as angelic visitation, peace, satisfaction, power etc.

There was a case of a man who narrated his ordeal he passing through with bird attack in real life. He observed a bird who is always monitoring him. To make it scary, anywhere this man goes to, this evil bird will be following him. What was the bird mission? It was to cause misfortunes and stumbling-block.

When he took this prayer: O Lord, let every evil bird assigned against me be terminated by fire, in the name of Jesus. Surprisingly, this bird became weak until it dies.  I had heard where my followers shared with me different dream cases of the birds. So whatever I am sharing with you is real.

If you are dreaming of looking at flying birds with joy, then this might be an indication that you are going to experience the joy of the Lord that will elevate you from your present situation to a greater height.  Dreams about white dove, then it indicates that you are about to experience liberation from something. Things may not go according to your plans after experiencing this dream.  But with sometimes, its positive effects will start manifesting.

However, if you dream of a bird flying alone, This means that you are going to achieve your plans and purpose but it could take much time before you start seeing the positive effects. But if you see birds flying together, this is usually a great sign that you will be fulfilled more when you work together with others. However, it may also be  warning sign that you need to be careful of the people whom you associate with and focused on your goals.

BIRD DREAM - The most dangerous animal in the dream

Maybe you dream where birds are making strange noises, or perhaps a parrot was talking to you, this scenario could be a reflection of satanic or Godly statement concerning you. Alternatively, It could be a warning of an impending trouble ahead. Or it could also be that you are breaking grounds.  As long as you are unable to decode the actual meaning of the noise, the witchcraft birds will continue to use it against you.

When dreaming about local birds, put into consideration the presence of native birds in your house compound. If in your dream it appears someone is rearing birds, it is a representation these birds have been possessed by witchcraft to administer problems into your house. To dream of a bird defecate on your head or body is a bad sign of death.
Perhaps you may even begin to wonder why should a bird overpowered you.

OWL dream is a symbol of death. If an own appeared in your dream, this may be a warning sign that something terrible is about to the family. Since own or vulture is easily being influenced by dark world spirit to perpetrate wickedness on their next victims. The sound of the owl indicate an arrow of sorrow and bewitchment of star. If you  dream of owls is a bad omen, the dreamer may lose his/her child.


When an unmarried man dreams of owls indicates that he will not experience longevity and peace of mind. A married woman dreams of owls indicates that she is likely to weep over her children and family.

To dream of the owl falling on your own roof crying indicates that the graveyard spirit is about to attack the source of your power, greatness and anointing. If someone killed the owl in you dream or physical, this can be a warning of victory.

A vulture or owl in your dream is an indicator that the enemy is trying to fire you destructive arrows. After several efforts made to fulfill your purpose, you suddenly realize nothing is moving forward again. Alternatively, the dream about vulture or owl could be a sign of threat, manipulative spirit.  It also means that you may soon lose your precious blessings, although their presence is to paralyze you and kill your destiny.

This can produce a formidable feeling of vulnerability towards threatening conditions in the dream, especially if you feel you are having a near-death experience. When you have this dream recurring, this could be the person that hate you or your family is actually trying to destroy you. In such a case, it would be better you for you to go for deliverance for your safety.

Sometimes the symbolic image of owl is the wake-up call that your life isn’t protected. Most definitely, this type of dream will not allow you to see the light of God. However, this is only true if the Holy Spirit is revealing the spirit behind the Owl or bird attack. You might be feeling afraid of losing someone.

One reason you could be dreaming about witchcraft bird, owl etc, could be because someone is threatening your life. Do you ever have owl or vulture that flies occasionally around your vicinity? If your answer is yes, it signifies death and sickness. Be vigilant.

There is no doubt that dreams about birds are usually all about witchcraft manipulation and bewitchment. Another reason you may be having dream about birds: Maybe you have a glorious destiny. Perhaps you are trying to travel overseas. On the other hand, perhaps, you are the only one who manage to break out from ancestral bondage in your lineage.

In your waking life, if you have a feeling like a bird is following you, you need to take immediate actions towards it. It could be a very serious calamity or tragedy about to befall you.  You are aware that misfortunes are about to hit you soon. To finally deal and win the spiritual battle, you need to soak yourself with the fire of the Holy Ghost. Then thereafter, you ask God to empower you to crush the arrow of gradual sickness and death.

Dreaming about demonic birds are evidence that a person is in difficult situation or spiritual imprisonment. However, these types of dreams are also prevalent when a person is succeeding in everything he lays his hands to do. The dream could be telling you to go on midnight prayers  if you really want to silence the activity of satanic birds against your life and marriage. Please know this fact:

Any dream about witchcraft birds, is an indication of satanic covering over your glory. Such dream may continue until you see a man of God for prayers. If you fail to kill them first, then they will kill you. May that not be your portion, in the name of Jesus.

Perhaps anytime you see a bird in your waking life, you become afraid. In that case, you need to start destroying their stronghold upon your life. Sometimes feeling of sadness as a result of your inability to make a way may be manifesting themselves through your dreams.


  7. ANT DREAM – The most dangerous animal in the dream

Ants are very small insects. They may be very disgusting and irritating when they come in contact with human body. If you dream about ants, this can be a sign of something in your life that you find very disgusting.

When you pay close attention to various dream activity about ants, you will understand that ants can be used by the enemy against you. This dream could relates to all different aspects of human life.

As small as insects are, they are known for their ability to work and make the best use of their available resources in their habitat or environment. Having a dream about ants that you are working on a certain project.

The dream can relate to people who may want to spoil your track record obtained in the organisation. Since ants can be found on human body, it could also mean the spirit of impossibility and bad luck is working against someone.

If you are not presently experiencing any problems or near possible attack of this dream, you should still be cautious, since this dream could represent a warning that your life is about to become chaotic or unpleasant emotional feelings.

On the other hand, if you happened to find yourself dreaming about lying on top of an ant mound, this could symbolize that you are presently aware of your problems but doing nothing to address them, which could be negatively affecting your life.

This dream could also mean something completely different, the mound could symbolize that you are the primary bread winner for the family and the devil is using the available trick to put you in a poverty way.

Ants are very creative insects, although they might look small and tiny, they are very hardworking. There are many people who get possessed with evil spirits transferred into them through ants dream.

There are lots of spiritual problems that trouble man from their dream world. Upon every common dream, dream about ant is among the most dangerous animal. Whether you believe it or not, ant bites can leave a demonic incision on your body. Ant is powerful and destructive. It can become dangerous when you are seeing ants beside you on the bed.

Normally, an evil spirit always like to attack their victims but when this is not possible, they enter into animals. A pregnant woman shared her own dream experience about ants. She said, she would see ants crawling  her body in the dream. But all efforts to kills the ants is always abortive. When she wake up, she normally feel pain around her waist. This become a weekly dream attack against her. But along the line, she could not give birth.

Dreaming about being bitten by ants could indicate that there is a possibility of experiencing an unfortunate event in the near future. In this dream you may experience pain from the bites, which signifies you becoming a victim of an attack or evil occurrence which you may have no control over.

The dream may mean evil gang up against you. You cannot experience victory or fruitfulness in life unless you know how to deal with ants dream with prayers.

DREAM ABOUT ANTS – Dangerous animals 

Ants feeds on something, if you are a pregnant woman, this type of dream indicates miscarriage, abortion, or birth by operation. If you are a single woman, this can mean that you are operating under evil altars.  If your house is saturated with ants – this could be telling you there is danger on your home.

If you are so disturbed by ants,  it could represent discomfort situation. Alternatively, it could be a symbol of conspiracy and humiliation.

If you are currently in a relationship and found yourself dreaming about watching ants, this is a very bad symbol for your relationship, signifying the evil invaders. Furthermore, a large number of ants you saw in this dream may indicate a  terrible attack of people trying to bring you down.

Having an ants as one’s animal  shows the person around you is demonstrating backbite, or gossip, it also points towards the ability of hates to make you cry. This can affects your work plan, position, social interaction, or working relationship with your colleagues.

ANT DREAM - The most dangerous animal in the dream


Ants dream are commonly used for witchcraft marine purposes. When you experience such this dream, try to remember your feelings when you wake up. Since ants dream have huge spiritual meaning, it is better to check your relationship with people and with your loved ones.

Ants have a sense of responsibility, and they work together to provide solution. However,  to dream about black ants could symbolizes there is a high level of witchcraft taking place in your life. This type of dreams also shows that you are working very hard but no reward in the near future.

In this case, the best thing you can do is to concentrate on your loved ones and work hard so that you can be fully responsible as a man or woman.

If you dream of seeing ants on your food, this might represent people, situations or things that are contaminating your life and success story. Perhaps the people you are spending time with are toxic and therefore the relationship you have with them is unhealthy. Alternatively, it might be of the plan of the devil to kill you so fast.

On the other hand- you may fear that someone or something in your life is at risk of death  or at a risk of contracting deadly infection/infirmity in the body.The dream could be a warning to you that you need to pay closer attention to whatever it is that is giving you sleepless night before it’s too late.

Jesus is the way to your freedom. No matter you troubles giving you a serious depression, may the Lord lift you out of that situation, in the name of Jesus.

It is not good for ants or insects to penetrate or enter into your body in the waking life and dream. However, if you see ants penetrating into your body, this usually symbolizes severe health problems coming. If the dream is recurring, it will be converted to serpent moving round your body to scatter your passion for progress.

On the other hand, if you dream of ants are crawling out of your body, means the power of deliverance is taking place. It could also means whatever arrows or unwanted materials that ever stayed in your body is giving ways for full recovery.

Just like I have carefully pointed out about the dream of being surrounded by ants. Perhaps you are in a house being in a strange house with your partner and you dream where ants are under your pillow or on your bed. This is not a good feelings for couples, singles. Because It means the enemy is attacking your marriage and its not giving you the kind of satisfaction you ever wanted.

If you woke up with a bad sense of emotion house then it is a signal of marital problems and setbacks.  To see ants on your bed, it could also mean either you or your partner is double dating, or possibly committing adultery without full of your knowledge. This is a forewarning of upcoming troubles and difficulties which you may face in your love life.

It would be better to go and see a pastor to pray with you always. Your family could have complained to you about your partner or who would be your husband/wife and you found their thoughts deeply troubled.

This dream could be happening because you are currently experiencing some issues with your loved ones.  Whatever dream you experience about ant, just try and be prayerful. This will help you know all satanic plans through this dream.


8. COW DREAM – The most dangerous animal in the dream

Isaiah 11:6-9 
The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice’ den. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.

Cow dream is not a common activity; but it is classified as one of the dangerous animals in the dream. A cow is  a domestic animal. When you dream about it, it often means there is something important in your life. The spiritual meaning could either be good or bad but this actually depends how the dream plays out. Sometimes, the dream interpretation can be associated to marriage, culture and smartness (productivity).

Cows are being attributed in the Bible as Cattle. Cows are very calm and peaceful animal. But sometimes they can be disturbed with the kick of their legs.  In the spirit world, cow is one animal that takes away productivity and fruitfulness in a person’s life. Once they appeared in your dream, challenges have started.

If you are trying to understand the dream involving cow or calf, the best question to ask yourself is, Does the cow trying to harm or block your way?’ However, if you were happy in the dream, the dream could be telling you that you are on the right track and whatever you are doing is the right path for you.

Dream symbol is best interpreted with our state of emotion and stability in the spirit. Occasionally, dreaming of a pregnant cow can actually mean that you are pregnant or possibly great ideas or expectation would manifest. But this is usually not the case if the pregnant cow is restless, disturbed or fighting.

In India, for example, cows are being worshiped as god and reared.  Does this interpretation relates to the people of India? According to a report from experts, greater number of milk comes from cow. This makes it an expository fact. A dream about hearing a loud, mooing sound constitute destructive attacks. If you feel that something is not right , you need to make a move to barricade yourself with the blood of Jesus.


DREAM ABOUT COW – The dangerous animal in the dream

Cow chasing you in dream  is a symbol commonly associated with familiar spirit. In some cases, it shows you are ending into the wrong direction in life. But if you see yourself chasing bull or cow then it means you would overcome someone or something that has been holding you back.

Being worried about the death of cow could mean that there is going to be setback and stagnancy.  If you are planning to new things then do not be surprised if you see cow attacking you in the dream.

The presence of a sluggish cow is an indication of a faulty foundation . Cow dream could also represent a person, but if the cow attack you means the problems in your family are battling with you. Alternatively, if a cow is fighting you signifies ancestral battles do not let you go.

If you are feeling unsatisfied with your current job or marriage, then this symbol foretells a great drawback to suffering and poverty life. If cows were escaping, this means unresolved problems. Perhaps the more you pray the more the enemies are escaping unhurt. If you have encountered any threat from the cow in your dream, this is an indication that you are bound to fail in your battle. You may start to notice financial problems.

Dream about cow swallowed can be terrible. For example, if you are swallowed by a snake, then this means the curses in your foundation are becoming a great hinderance to your destiny. In some cases, this type of dream is a reflection of you being manipulated by serpentile spirit.

When such dream is frequents, then it is a signal that your situation demands deliverance from domestic marine witchcraft. A young woman who is demonically possessed can possibly experience this dream which would affect her marital connection. You might be feeling more unsettled now, because of the way the marine powers are playing with your marital life.

If you are surrounded by cows then this dream is a direct interpretation of impossible situation, a closed door. In your waking life, there could be a serious pattern in your family line. If you see a cow crushing or killing a person, it means a problem is about to kill a person untimely. This problem could affect you, your family, friends etc.

Honestly speaking, there are cows that are meant to be friendly with human, while others are known to lunch attack. For example, if you see a cow knock you down, in most cases, this attack will result in various afflictions and oppression.

To dream that you ran into a cow means lack of concentration. It also shows your problems are taking you to different unverified places for solution. It may also interest you to know that the greater parts of your afflictions are caused by you according to this dream description. God loves you.

He wanted you to wait while He does the miracles for you. But due to lack of patience, you took your problems to false prophets who helped you to multiply them. The fact that the cow is a domestic animal does not mean all dreams pointing to cows are good. Just as we have different characters in human beings, so are the cows.

If you are a woman and you dream of a calf sucking cow’s breast, this shows you are going to be fruitful in your marriage with children. Perhaps if you are married with children, this can indicates flourish.  This dream usually foretells joy to a pregnant woman. For a man, this is a sign to take care of his wife.

If you dream that a person is fetching milk from the cow breast, this is a revelation of your wife under demonic attack. This cow’s milk is connected to a woman’s fertility and can also symbolize possibility in marital connection.

If you see cow turning into different animals or different objects, this dream symbolizes that you are in a state of confusion, a picture of being attacked by familiar person hiding his or her identity. You must make concerted efforts to know the person.  If your dream involves seeing a snake attacking another person, this foretells that a friend is going to hurt your feelings. If you see small snakes, then this is directly associated to joy in the future.

Some interpretations of cow might be that the dreamer comes from a family where worshiping of idols is prevalent. But however, If you see a baby cow in your dream, then this might be sending a message of demotion. It could also be a symbol to show that it is time for you to act fast, think fast.

Some baby cow can indicates you having a link with animal spirit. It is possible that the enemy came into your life through animal dream. To have sex with a cow indicates that you are no going to last on earth as much greater part of your life will be from trouble to troubles. Please pray very hard in order for you to regain yourself back, and better.

For example, cows tied in the dream shows a person is caged; This also mean a person might not have the chance of becoming success no matter the much efforts he administered.  Closely examine your life and look at the possible things that are near to causing havoc in your life. The problem of spiritual imprisonment could be from your haters.

However, if you see a person tying down bunch of cows with their babies, this  indicates there may indicates lots of battles that is preventing you from attaining your earthly glory. To overcome this, you may need to make one final effort toward your goals, working harder than ever before to put this last piece in its place. And be prayerful, and if you think personal prayer and fasting can not give you the desire result then go for deliverance.


9. GOAT DREAM – The most dangerous animal in the dream

Matthew 25:31-33 
When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory: And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:  And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

The negative significance of goats comes mostly from their being made into idols and worshiped as gods in pagan religions. This is reflected within the Bible itself in a prohibition against offering sacrifices to such idols. For example: (Leviticus 17:6-7).

Goat is a domestic animal and can be attributed as one of the dangerous animals in the dream. Having an encounter with a goat in the dream can be disturbing, especially, if the goat is scary to you. The dream could be happening because you are vulnerable to household attack. It could be that your blessing is on the way and these powers doesn’t want such goodness to locate you. A goat in a dream represent portends stubborn, disobedience and ignorance.

If you are often close to goats, this can indicates lack of peace of mind. Is there anything bothering your mind? Are you experiencing oppression, sorrow and disgrace in your family? The spiritual symbol of a goat or lots of goats invading your home, can reveal  trouble is now rooted in your home. This means that you are likely to see tragedy or cases that are beyond your wisdom and ability.

It is possible that the goat dream can be connected to domestic witchcraft assigned against you. Everything about you is struggling to survive in your present environment and this is why you are having goat dream. You find that the enemy is destroying your blessings. Some breakthroughs would never happen, unless the recurring dream about goats is being addressed through prayers and fasting.

An aggressive goat means anger, but if such goat is eating your food, then  it’s a sign of illness. If you see a black goat is a symbol of bad luck, unpleasantness and problems in your family. The goat in your dream can indicates a great misfortunes. It could also mean unstable love, giving rise to misunderstanding between two people.



Although goats generally have a positive meaning in the Bible, there are a few stories in the Bible and in related extra-biblical literature that provide a basis for the common association of goats with evil and the Devil. But that doesn’t take us away from the evil that befall people through goat dream.

Goat can also be associated with the spirit of restlessness. Dreaming about goats can cause delay, diversion of goodness, disturbances in marriages, failure in businesses, crises in churches, prayerlessness, disobedience to the Holy Spirit, losing hope in God. When goat is beside your house, it can also be an indication of evil spirit trying to gain access into your life, destiny, marriage, business etc.

If you are a man, the dream of goats symbolize lack of disciple, maturity. If you are a woman, the dream about goat chasing is telling you that you are being troubled by wicked spirit working against your marriage. If you are chasing back goats in your dream, it clearly means a desire to deal with your problems.

Perhaps you see a goat standing on a rock on a mountain top, such a dream indicates of many challenges you might soon be facing, but you will fortunately overcome them.

In some cases, it can also mean a person has no direction to go. Maybe you woke up sad from a dream where you observe like someone slaughters a goat, this dream indicate the activity of a destiny destroyer assigned against you.

Maybe you are planning on going back to school or starting a new business and your partner or friend might be against it. The  dream about goat barricading each other  also symbolizes betrayal of trust by someone who is close to your heart. Sometimes this dream signifies having a lot of rivals around you, which might soon try to harm you in some way.

If you are presently pondering on embarking on a project or visit a medical centre, when you had this dream, take it as a bad sign. Your plans could have a strong chance of not being happy with the state of situation around you.

Just be prepared for a shocking news of misfortunes that will come to you soon. When you see two goats fighting themselves, this usually signifies battle. If such animals have different colour in them, then it indicates a big confrontation, argument between you and your loved ones.

Do you see goats talking? When such dream is appearing, then it is telling you that someone is talking evil about you. It could also symbolize that a person is discussing how to pull you down. This dream could be a sign to start avoiding people who are not helping to your destiny. Perhaps your wife or husband always speak bad about you.

If you are dreaming of dead animals or goats oftentimes, it shows that you are losing away your happiness. If you are a woman, this dream symbolizes a loss of child. You might be crying to God for the fruit of the womb.

Are you feeling like the fear of death and threat?  In the spiritual world, dead goat is connected to a human destiny. To see a dead goat could be telling you of a deadly attack that is trying to manifest in near future.

In Isaiah 54:15 says: Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake. There are powers that uses this dream to bring sadness and mourning. Maybe the dream is involving the death of a pregnant goat, then it signifies miscarriage and calamity.

To see yourself feeding a goat belonging to you or someone you know means you are spending your time with the wrong person.  If you are a person who is into a relationship, dreaming about feeding a goat signifies a break up affair. This type of dream can lead to investing your money on people who will never appreciate you.

To dream of many goat, it means that a person is facing household battles. If your dream involves a goat entering your house then this indicates the spirit of impossibility and unfaithfulness has penetrated into your life. If you dream about a goat bite is a warning sign of spiritual bondage. If you see a person walking with a goat, it could mean a person’s life is already been manipulated by forces of witchcraft.

If you dream about a goat in your compound, you first need to think about the plans of the goat. This type of dream can indicates that the life of people staying in that house are in serious bondage. When you dream about different colours of goats, it doesn’t have to mean that you will behave like a goat.

Perhaps someone from your village is planning to stay with you. If this is true especially when goat is having its way into your house. It is an indication that a person is likely to come and stay with you. This person may be highly possessed with evil spirit.

There will be trying times in the life of the children of God, but you can be rest assured that in your troubled times, you are not alone. God will never allow the trouble to overwhelm you. He will make you to experience calmness in the situation. In Psalm 146:3-6, the Bible says put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.. It is important you know that trouble is not necessarily mean there isn’t going to be a way out.

If you dream of village people chasing a goat, then it is warning signal of a person being pursued by stubborn foundation powers.  It can also indicates the ancestral spirits are causing hinderance to your freedom. The dream about a GOAT into your family house indicates that your families are bedeviled battles.  You may feel that you need some deliverance and protection.

If you are chasing them out of the house, it means that you are dealing with strangers attacking most members of your family. If you find yourself being attacked by a goat, this indicates you are going to experience failure at the edge of breakthrough. It could symbolize that the efforts of your enemy to cause restlessness.

On the other hand, if you dream of black goats , this usually represent setbacks and disgrace. The appearance of black goat can be a warning that a strongman is working hard to destroy you. Dreaming about goat is a revelation you should pay attention to. Oftentimes, the dream will symbolize captivating power. When it comes to a point that you can no longer address this type of dream, you may need to go for deliverance.


10. LIZARD DREAM – The most dangerous animal in the dream

Leviticus 11:29-31
These also shall be unclean unto you among the creeping things that creep upon the earth; the weasel, and the mouse, and the tortoise after his kind, And the ferret, and the chameleon, and the lizard, and the snail, and the mole. These are unclean to you among all that creep: whosoever doth touch them, when they be dead, shall be unclean until the even.

Lizard is seen as the most dangerous animal in the dream. This dream is not a common feature. But its single appearance can be very disgusting and annoying. While most lizards are harmless to humans, but dreaming about this animal can indicates that you are surrounded by a witch especially in the area where you stay. A lizard can be dangerous and when it crawls on your body, it can cause fear and anxiety.

Lizards are often seen on fence or wall of a building, if in your dream you saw lizard walking on fence and nodding its head, this means the enemy has agreed to deal with you. Perhaps you are sharing some secret information about yourself to someone else in your waking life, so dreaming about lizard relaxing in its position, this is usually a bad symbol. This is telling you that you are exposing vital things to a person who might use it against you or use your idea to enrich himself.

In some cases, When you dream about lizards, it could mean that you are on the verge of being attacked by an enemy, such as a rival at work or someone from your personal life who wishes to cause you harm. Lizard has a direct relationship with an environment, if you keep seeing lizard in your dream, then it’s a sign of demotion.

Dreaming about lizard , it means enemies doesn’t want you to succeed in your environment. You are someone who is very ambitious, talented and focus on your career, but it appears the more you put in the more setback you encountered. Have you been staying in a particular house without any prove of tangible result? You may need to pray hard for breakthrough.

LIZARD DREAM - The most dangerous animal in the dream

Lizards in the dream  is closely relate to principality and powers. For example, if you see lizards falling on you, it is an indication that the spirit of witchcraft has penetrated. This type of dream can send a warning to prepare yourself for a mysterious arrows being organized against you by the enemy.

If you are a career person, when lizards falls upon you, it means you will lose your dignity and position. Be very vigilant as someone is plotting evil against you. When such dream is recurring, this can also indicates  demonic bondage. To see a red lizard ,it means that some sort of danger is going to surround you soon.

You must keep your eyes open to see the behaviors of others around you, especially women. There may be someone who is trying to put you down in the crowd. This person may not be your enemy, but a friend, who is not very happy with your success.

To dream of a lizard is a sign that you are yet to be free from ancestral evil covenant. If you see big lizard in your dream, this symbolizes witchcraft idols in the family side.  These powers can use this dream to hunt after your destiny. Maybe there are lots of lizards in your home in your waking life. If that’s a true scenario, it means your present  house foundation is not clean as there are lots of negative incantations on it.

Dream about holding a lizard, this could be telling you that something isn’t right with you. Holding a lizard in the spirit realm mean there is a faulty foundation spirit causing repeated failure in your life. Maybe after holding the lizard, then you killed, this portends some sort of power over your enemy.

Seeing lizards in your dream indicate the activity of the bad people. You may be worrying about a lot of things at the moment. Maybe your goal is facing series of setback. Having a dream of dead lizard is a revelation good things will be in place. It can also mean you are going to experience healing.

When lizard pursued you, that can be strange. But if you see lizards chasing you, this is a symbol that the powers in your root have blocked your way. But if you are the one chasing the lizard, it means that the Holy Spirit is fighting a battle for you. If you dream of a lizard biting you, one of your enemies is going to defeat you terribly.

In a case where you found yourself catching a lizard, it means that you will start experiencing the fulfillment of your dreams because the environmental powers have been arrested, and destroyed. You will feel better and this will gives you the motivation spirit to work towards the progress of your life. If you dream of a lizard standing still on the wall, staring at you, if you are pregnant, it means you will get back to a strange child.

Red lizard, green lizard, yellow lizard are all representation of an evil messenger to a person’s life. For example, if you often red lizard, it means that your life is in marine custody. This makes it difficult for you to leave your present situation. Red lizards is symbolic meaning of evil covenant, affliction and barrenness. When you see red lizard coming towards your direction, then it means somebody you don’t know might like to attack you.

While green lizard is connected to betrayal, dishonesty and secretive people. If green lizard is a common feature, if you are single who is in a relationship, it is a clear signal that your relationship may not succeed as the person has another person. Or it could means such person is hiding something from you. This is the time you nee to engage him or her in talks.  On the other hand, if you see yellow lizard, this connotes sickness and blindness are coming.

Animal dream is something we must all pay a close attention to more than any other dreams. This is because the devil often uses them a lot in our dreams to torment and reduce us to nothing. Upon all the dreams about animals shared here, always point to this page more often to guide you how to direct your prayers. God bless you.





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